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This is:

Some important listening on masturbation, squirting and orgasms: https://www.bbc.co.uk/mediacentre/proginfo/2020/18/the-orgasm-gap


Note: there is currently a complimentary, understanding, male voice, day or evening, guided, masturbation to orgasm service on 0419 605 365 for those studied women who regard regular masturbation as very important and are wanting phone assistance/company from time to time to masturbate and achieve empowerment orgasms for


stress reduction/relaxational, therapeutic, healing (emotional or physical),


spir-exual ritual,

whores.hip, fellows.hip, outreach or

blessing-generation so that true believer inner-temple-pussy-blessings may abound and the day or night or a special venture be blest.

If this is you, for 'you and yours' type reasons, you are welcome to cumclaim your empowering pussy orgasms!

Curriculum – Personally Delivered Online

To get the most out of these talks please be lightly masturbating while you listen for a heightened experience.

  1. The 15-minute orgasm, for those who seek an ultimate experience

  2. Relaxants and stimulants for more enjoyable masturbation and orgasms

  3. Licking, cunnilingus

  4. Social masturbation - for those who would like to be part of a circle

  5. Masturbation for natural relaxation and relieving anxiety

  6. Masturbation doctrines

  7. Masturbation for blessings, that blessings may abound

  8. Where and with whom to masturbate

  9. Taking the initiative

  10. Masturbating networking

  11. Spiritual sex: spex

  12. How to start a loving masturbation ministry

  13. Masturtalking

  14. N ude socializing and masturgreeting

  15. Oracling

  16. Whores.hipping and fellows.hipping

  17. W.h.o.r.e.s. and s.l.u.t.s in O.r.g.a.s.m.ianity

  18. Masturbation as outreach and evaginalization

  19. Loving your neighbour as yourself, with all your strength

  20. Joint venturing with those whom you masturbate with

  21. Love One Another, Not One Other

  22. Selling the book: GTCMM/SHeBible

  23. Spirexual masturbation for blessings

  24. Orgasms as whores.hip

  25. Orgasm in company

  26. The mystical initiation of the fuck. Fillies under company of the King.

  27. Masturbation as celebration and blessing an event or agreement

  28. Enhanced masturbation

  29. Masturbation tricks and techniques

  30. Masturbations as an obligatory sacred rite and key to blessings

  31. Self-masturbation and misstrebation of others as honour and tribute

  32. Hosting masturbation events on your bed

  33. Masturbation as your duty to love your neighbours as you love and make love to yourself

  34. Orgams as whores.hip

  35. Maximun and prolific perpetual enwettenment, engorgement and masturbation and fornication, as eternally naked whoreship and fellowship and outreach, with all those you are infilled to like who quite like you, Goddess's plan for blessings after the orders of grand matriarchs Eve and Rahab.

  36. The undoctrinality of marriage and why it should be avoided

  37. Relationship Agreements

  38. Handling Your Finances

  39. Law Therapy

  40. Wiping out your loans and debts within days

  41. Love one another, not one other, parallels rather than sequential

  42. Masturbating and fornicating with a true believer holy blessing man who has studied to show himself approved

1) Would you like to have regular use of the Sybian and the Love Machine to have heightened clitoral masturbation experiences?

2) Would you like to know how to get involved and meet others?

If so, please request and fill out our questionnaire and return.

If interested please email your request for a copy of our questionnaire to:

Dr David
Masturbation Doctor, Facilitator, Evaginalist and Lecturer


0419 605 365, 02 8214 8397

To go on our email contact list please send an email or video link stating your interests and your desires to:


Masturbation means a lot to me, If I don't masturbate at least twice a day I get cranky, even though I'm married. But it's only because my husband has completely lost his sex drive. So right now, I'm stuck in a relationship where I'm just fingering myself and really missing the feel of a hard cock. My man who doesn't care when I try to tell him I have needs. He says I can sort out myself, so I'm going to try, hopefully with your help! Do you touch yourself often?

There are days when I will masturbate at work, just to relieve some tension but it is always slightly rushed and is becoming less and less enjoyable.

This meme has two meanings. There is a special meaning for those women who are called to the ministry of masturbation as whores.hip, fellows.hip, and outreach and evaginalization.

Case Histories

I adore masturbating to the variety of different erotic novels but seems to me that all of those writers took years to develop the plots of the stories.

Lately, I started watching porn movies about it and it is really exciting. While I am masturbating to it, I cum really quickly. I want to try it out in reality now as well, but I am a bit scared. 

What do you think? 

My husband isn't putting any effort in our marriage. I had to buy those roses myself and treat myself to a romantic masturbation session.

How many times do you masturbate a week? 

I still play with myself a lot and I feel like it should be way less since I'm married and should have my husband do it. But he won't touch me anymore and I can beg all I want but nothing is happening in that department. 

Would you slide your fingers inside my panties? 

But I don't feel like watching porn and masturbating in my hotel room (again) ... It would be great if you could accompany me and make me reach an orgasm. 

I masturbate too much

I think I have a problem. I masturbate way too much, and I know it. I should do it less, but I just can't seem to control myself. If it's up to me I masturbate around 3 times a day. I try to do only one, but I end up doing 4 or 5 sometimes.

Thinking of you....

Mmmm I am HOT now and thinking of you.... I feel like masturbating now... do you mind? 

Do you often masturbate? 

I might seem like the typical girl next door, religious maybe even. But I’m far from that. 

Since the age of 11 I’m masturbating and watching porn and since my 14th when I lost my virginity, I really went experimenting with what I like.

I tried different things, boys/girls, boys/girls together. More girls, more boys, whatever. I did it. 

But I never tried one thing, and I want to tell you what it is if you promise you won't tell anyone.

Can you keep a secret? 

I'm also getting intensely horny!

Side-effects of my lack of sleep are that I'm intensely horny all the time and I don't have anyone to take care of that. I don't find masturbation all that helpful, it even disgusts me sometimes. 

Mutual Masturbation:

I am in bed with my laptop and watching porn on here while browsing some of the profiles on here. How bad am I? I just can't help myself, I'm too wet between the hips.
What do you do when you get that naughty? Would you want to meet up online at some point and do some mutual masturbation at the same time? Ever tried that? 

Are you open for it maybe? 

Good morning David!

I woke up so incredibly horny today... The only thing on my mind is sex, I can't go to work like this?!!! 

Maybe we can masturbate together? 


So, I was relaxing in my tub ... and by that, I mean I was masturbating and it was so intense. I decided to show you so you can get in the mood to join me :P

I want to look back at our brief encounter with much pleasure and use it for future masturbation sessions or to get off with during sex with lesser men.

Can you provide me with some great sex memories? 

I love this man, but I am tired of it. I never plan to cheat but I am sure that women are not meant to masturbate after fucking.

Lesbian porn movies

Well, well, hello there! What's up? I am not sure if you ever watched a movie when there is a sex between girls, but I just did few days ago and I can't stop myself thinking about that. 

I am not sure what should I do but I keep masturbating to that scene and I even started watching lesbian porn movies and can't get rid of it. 

What do you think, should I just keep doing that or stop? 

:scream: I had like the hottest and nastiest days ever and the craziest part of it all is that I spent it all by myself. Yesterday I woke up hungover and when I have a hangover I'm ALWAYS wet, period.

Didn't get out of the house anymore since then. Masturbated like all day and downloaded a shitload of porn and I watched it all :speak_no_evil:

Last night I was horny still and I spent all day on chatroulette masturbating while guys could watch me. God, I don't know what got into me I reached my sexual peak I guess.

Help me out please!

I'm so horny, almost every day, but that feeling just doesn't get satisfied. If I'm lucky, I can find a moment for myself to masturbate. But that's not even near enough pleasure for me!

Will you help me, please? 

Send me your pictures!

Send your pictures, please.

I'm wet right now and I don't want to watch porns or something like that to release that tension. I need a real man's picture so I can masturbate well.

Since I can't get a man right now, I'll have to satisfy myself just with the photo.

Or maybe you wish to come over right now? 

What I want now is to masturbate after you shared all your naughty thoughts to prepare me for an explosion. I had a good look at your picture, and it feels like you have a dirty mind. I like that! 

But, it´s been a while ... so I suspect that I´ll cum easy. So please share your dirty mind one step at a time. Slowly. Just take your time ...

I can follow your dirty mind and play with myself at the same time.

I was talking to my best friend about masturbating. She told me she never does, and I was surprised because I make myself cum at least twice a day and sometimes even more. She said you only masturbate when you lack sex, but I don't think that's true. 

 I wanted us to try mutual masturbation and some other things. Is my mind on sex too much?

How's it going? I almost got busted at work the other day. I have recurring thoughts about a group sex orgy in the board room. Nothing remotely like that ever happened ... but I frequently go there, and I masturbate. 
My boss walked in and saw me sitting in a chair all by myself, while probably moaning a bit. Luckily, I had my back towards the door so he couldn't really see. I had a massive scare when I heard his voice asking me if I'm okay. I really hope he's not onto me. 

Do you ever do naughty things at work? 

Masturbation in the Forest

When I was sixteen, I left my house one day, took a bus and went to the nearby forest. It was warm and I just sat at some tree and started masturbating.

That was the best masturbation ever! That smell of a forest, of nature, is so sexy to me and so... well, natural.

Would you do me a favour and go with me somewhere in the countryside, preferably some forest and have sex? 

I'm masturbating right now

I am sitting on my cold bathroom floor with my legs wide open, playing with myself while I type this.

Must tell you that I sometimes just start playing with my snatch when I have visitors... I think it is very normal. We are humans and we need to express our feelings. When my feeling is that I need to play with my snatch I simply do it! I mean why not? Why should I not start playing with my snatch? I believe it is really nice!!! Really lovely! :) Wonder if you masturbate a lot? Wonder if you are as creative when it comes to sex as I believe you are? 

Do you have those same “missing feelings” or do you have the desire to masturbate with someone else’s body? LOL 

Help me

I'm masturbating right now Can you help me? 

Come on, my imagination is poor, and I can't think of anything right now, besides, I want someone who is real to guide me through this. 

I'm messaging you because my level of horniness is reaching intolerable levels. My husband can't keep up and I’m way beyond just masturbating to porn to keep this beast inside me somewhat silent.

See that toy? Well, that's what I bought yesterday. I can't it anymore, I'm sexually frustrated and constantly horny, I've been masturbating twice a day, sometimes it's exhausting, but I need to please my pussy. 

There is one thing that I will never apologize about, and that is the fact that I love to masturbate. Regardless if I am in a relationship or not, I love playing with myself. 

The only type of sex I get lately is solo sex. I'm working more hours and those are all at night. My boyfriends always wakes up early for work and by the time he's home I’m off to work. 

I'm getting a bit bored of my fantasy and I don't like porn. Too impersonal 

I'm lacking sex. He thinks we should wait until marriage and I can't take it anymore! I'm sexually frustrated, I do care about him, but I have my own needs too, I will still marry him. My fingers hurt after hours of masturbating, so would you help me out?

I just got caught masturbating - embarrassing...

I'm spending the last couple of days here in my friend's house, and her teenage son just caught me red-handed.


Now I feel so guilty about it, I'm not going to leave my room for a couple of hours just until it cools down...

I need to come every day; masturbation sessions are my favourite pastime after good sex of course.

Insomnia problem

I have Insomnia. I can't sleep and I end up masturbating to some bad erotic stories on the internet. I need help!

Hello there

I masturbate quite often, and I've ordered more sex toys in the last couple of months than I ever owned in my lifetime, ha-ha! They kind of suck, to be honest. 

I want to masturbate for someone. To have them sit there and watch me spread my lips and rub my pussy until they are red and covered in juices. I believe that you are the one I should do this for. I have this feeling that you are going to appreciate my body and what I am doing. If you were to have a chance like this, would you be able to keep your hands to yourself? Are you mentally strong enough?

We are all human and have many needs to attend too. 

I can attend to most of my needs, but I am tired of masturbating and satisfying myself. Craving a body against mine and real kisses all over me. 

Promised I would kiss my vibrator goodbye in this new year. Do you masturbate? I'm too old to be alone.

for the last three years I have been addicted to masturbation and internet pornography. I have the urge to masturbate up to three times a day. I feel it's having a negative effect on my health and want to stop, but the only way I know how is to execute my fantasy and have sex with a stranger! Would you be my beautiful stranger that fucks me quite silly? 

I'm a bit of a sex addict, I've got to admit. I treat orgasms like they're the most important things in my life. Which in a way, and I know this will sound very sad, they are. 

If I haven't climaxed in the morning, my entire day will be shitty. I even wake up earlier so that I've got more time to masturbate. Sick right, I know. You know what helps? Getting fucked really good. I'm good to go for a couple of days then. 

Do you also have a high sex drive? 

I, on the other hand, is pitiful. I masturbate every single day because I do not have a man for myself. I sometimes, feel so alone when I am done. I want to feel better. 

What should I do to feel better about this? 

Started touching myself. I do not know how many times I have been masturbating in a day. I bet this lockdown is going to brew many babies. 

Hey honey, I'm really horny right now! Tell me everything you'd do to me so I can masturbate and get hornier as I read all your dirty texts! 

I'm not going to ask for permission!

I'm going to be honest with you! The only reason is so I can see all your pictures and use them to masturbate.

I'm not asking for permission because I already did it. But I would like to ask you to have sex in real life?

I do know what will get me to orgasm. Are you trying this and then trying that and finding nothing works to gets her there? There’s a strong possibility she knows exactly what needs to happen, because she’s had practice masturbating, but is afraid to say so because her path to orgasm has been perceived by other men or the culture at large as bitchy or emasculating. She might feel that bringing a vibrator in bed will make you feel like less than a man, or she might worry that having you eat her out at length is boring for you. So, she won’t ask. Is it okay if I do ask? 

Sex chat?

I'm sending you this message to ask you if you will be available tonight to chat. My husband will go to the gym and he stays out until after midnight. I need to have a very horny sex chat and I want you us to cum simultaneously by masturbating. Are you available later? Hee 

I love being sucked. If your tongue knows how to do the job then you NEED to come my way. I think I might be a nymphomaniac. I have no idea how this started. I just need to have sex constantly. I can't count the number of times I masturbate. It's bloody great! But I don't know how to stop.

Can you help me fulfill my needs? 

I masturbate every day, and lately even twice or three times a day. I'm just feeling so horny! It seems like I never get enough of it!

I've found this website yesterday and it seemed like the perfect solution. I've only had sex twice in the past 3 months!

I have so many sexual frustrations!!!

May I reveal my inner slut to you David?

When my husband was cheating on me, I didn't allow him to enter me. I used to masturbate for a month or two, maybe even three!

I have so many sexual frustrations, and I just want to let loose. Have a wild and horny adventure and fuck someone completely nuts. That’s how I picture it. 

I enjoy masturbating as much as the other.

Can I masturbate in front of you? 

I'm a big party animal, but I'm not the type to drink until I'm drunk.
I would rather mast urbate until I'm weak in the knees, and I must sit down.

Give it a try!
You won't know how it's going to turn out unless you do.
I want to see if there's going to be a big difference if I'm talking to you while I masturbate.

I'd like to see the type of impact that you have on me.
Allow me to get wet with your sexual words.

I need to come every day; masturbation sessions are my favourite pastime after good sex of course.

I just want to know what the weirdest thing is that you’ve ever masturbated to? Do you have any idea? I am sure that you can get very very horny about it. I am on the verge of wanting to reenact some sexual fantasies. I hope that I could be the one that could fulfill your fantasies 

Let's get on the wild side

I am sick and tired of people telling me that’s not always everything about sex. Yes, it is, at least for me. I love sex, I enjoy it, I want to have it all the time, all day long. 
Now I am in a period of masturbating. And I want it to do with you. I want you to guide me through my masturbation. 

Do you have enough courage to do this with me? Don’t worry, I will do the same for you. 

I haven't had sex for over a year :-(

Sometimes I’m completely desperate about my situation. I'm single due to a divorce and I haven't had sex in over a year. Of course, I masturbate, but it isn't the real thing. I want sex, but I also want some intimacy. That's why I write you this message.


So I was relaxing in my tub...and by that, I mean I was masturbating and it was so intense. I decided to show you so you can get in the mood to join me :P

Since you live nearby anyways .. and that's only a 5 min drive away from me .. how about you come over?

My pussy is so ready for you baby. I’m playing with myself.Mmm
but I'm doubting ... should I go for the fourth finger? Or shall I keep it nice and tight for you until you get here?

Do you like to watch? I'm a big fan of masturbation and I must confess I do it a lot, almost every day. My guilty pleasure is to do it somewhere out in the open for people to see, but I also love it when someone takes pictures while I pleasure myself. 

I'm completely naked already!


Do you understand the real meaning of masturbating and foreplay? Know how to treat a young hot woman and her pussy? Love licking pussy. Do you always, and I mean ALWAYS, make women cum by treating their pussy first? 

I can't sleep :(

Damn, it is in the middle of the night and I can't sleep. I have a lot of things on my mind lately but maybe it is just because I am HORNY like hell these days!! I have masturbated twice already but I am still horny. 

Are you still awake now to help me out??? We can masturbate again together ;)

Kisses Pamela 

Right now, I’m trying to entertain myself a bit from day to day but when there's nothing on tv I get bored an go watch porn. 

I'm masturbating a lot because of that because I kind of like to touch myself when I watch it. 

Do you also watch porn sometimes? Maybe we can watch it together? Show you what I like? 

I'm just losing my mind over here; I just came three times and I think it's not enough. Can we masturbate together? Then you'll join me for a ride. How soon can you make it happen?