HOW TO READ THE BIBLE – in case you had no idea ‘cause no one ever told you how.

The Bible is the most formative book in world literature. Ita has influenced more people than any other and since it is the most important book, that is good enough reason to make sure it is one book you have attempted to read and know well.

Don’t start with the front section, the Old Testament, but rather start with the second section, the New Testament towards the back (starts about 400 years after OT finishes off) with the book of Matthew, the first of the four gospels (meaning good news). The New Testament is made up of four not too long gospels (stories about Jesus, what he said and did), Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, the Acts of the early apostles, (what the disciples were called once they had “graduated”) and then a good number of letters on interesting topics and finally the book of Revelation. All up it’s about 300 pages.

When you start with Matthew you will quickly notice that Jesus’ genealogy breaks up into 42 generations, 3 lots of 14 generations between each major personage or event putting the seal of God upon him. Then comes the story about His birth followed by the Sermon on the Mount which is wonderful reading. And then you keep going with all sorts of other things. It’s much better to and read the Bible yourself rather than go to church. You won’t learn anywhere near as much there though you could make a few friends.

Read only about either one or two or maybe three chapters per day or night. Try and use a Bible which has what are called cross or chain references which link the verses you read to other verses in the Bible. This will allow you to do interesting little studies on themes and topics besides from just reading straight through. Maybe underline favourite verses with coloured pens. Write down some favourite verses on pieces of paper and carry them around in your purse or wallet and try to memorize a few and it will make you stronger (John 15: 7-12).

Perhaps you may prefer, rather than reading the Bible as a book, to read it and do your studies at on the internet. There are a few other sites as well and you’ll be amazed at how much you can find on Google. There are about 20 versions at with each verse in parallel and lots of cross referencing on the right so you can take links to other verses. Down the bottom there are a number of well known commentaries on each verse from different points of view. However cross reference studying, interpreting scripture with scripture, is the best way to do in depth study.

When you get good ideas, that is God speaking to you so write down your ideas and discoveries on a blog in a word document on your computer and just let it grow over time as a collection of your learnings and thoughts as you become astute and learned.

When you find some really good verses maybe memorize them. I did this with a great many verses that struck a chord with me. Learning scripture will help you to become stronger in yourself, less anxious and worried and more directed in life with more purpose. You won’t get this result via any other therapy or via counseling or medication.

Soon you will get to know quite well what you are talking about because you have done your own studies, all from doing one or two or three little chapters per day or night.

I started doing this when I was 12 when I was given a little Gideon’s Bible and decided to read it three chapters per night so as to disprove it. I had originally started on the Old Testament when I was 8 but became bogged down after five books, the Torah. At that age I couldn’t work out how to buy, transport sacrifice an unblemished lamb as a burnt offering sacrifice in our wooden fern house (in which I used to contemplatively grow weeds as an interest) built by my grandmother, without burning it down.

My mother had told me before the gift of the second Bible that if I am to read it to start in the New Testament because it is much easier to read and follow being about Christianity so is to do with Jesus. Indeed the NT is about God’s gift of love to satisfy the old requirements of the OT law which no one could fully live up to – so the answer to the old law is love. After completing Revelation (wow!, speeded up to more than three chapters, 6 or 7, per night in Revelation) of the the New Testament, I then went on at the same rate of three chapters a night non stop until I finished Malachi, the last of the minor prophets (psalm 118 mucked up my system being so big but psalm 117 helped being so small)).

Although I had decided, at the age of 12, to read the New Testament straight through in order to disprove it I found it was not what I expected and was different to the views I had obtained at Sunday School where I had been getting a lot of waffle so I soon started to notice that what the conventional church says and what the Bible says can be quite different or selective (some denominations are notorious for it). Only go by the Bible and take what the church says with a grain of salt as it can come out with some strange ideas which are not really in the Bible. It really can be like two different worlds. I guess the churches have got to do something with those buildings they built in order to do something with the collections and bequests in wills so they do hatching, matching and despatching. In fact after a while you’ll find that a lot of people who say they are Christians don’t even or have never read the New Testament through and its only about 300 pages, not too much but it is rather packed full. It says a lot with a few words in little chunks called verses which make up the little chapters of the little books that make it up.

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Where we’re at now.

The Old Testament is mainly about the old Mosaic law, history, songs and prophecy.

The New Testament is about Jesus bringing a new system for living because people found they just couldn’t fully comply with the old institutional Mosaic law system which led to what was called sinning i.e falling foul of the old law or not doing what the institutional temple / church said you should do. Hence Jesus, as having the Spirit of God, brought a message of love as the satisfaction of the law and went on to enact it by allowing himself to be killed by the religious authorities who hated Him so as to pay a price for everyone who wanted to get on board. But being God He, of course, could and did come back so since the authorities killed him all the “sins of the world” came to be dumped on the religious authorities because it was they who did the dirty deed for a consideration of 30 pieces of silver and Jesus didn’t suicide. So now the message, as far as the law goes, is do the right thing and you shouldn’t have a problem, act out of love, love thy neighbour as yourself, do unto others as you would have them do unto you, live in love.

So then how should we live?

1 Cor: 6:20 says now that we, if you wish to include yourself, like it or not, having been bought back with such a price, should now glorify, party, whoreship, by, apart from doing the right thing, making love, as one to another, not one other, with whomever the Spirit of God makes you mutually responsive as 'foldmates', as by this will all people know that you are His disciples if ye have love, make love, one to another, not one other, and we don’t know of any so called christian groups anywhere where that is widespread, if happening at all. As yet most everyone but the true believers is too reserved or uncommitted to commit fully to mutual love making fellowship with mutually attracted 'foldmate' believers as we are designed, created, equipped, commended, commanded and if we are honest, being so made, quite like to do ongoingly with all those with whom the Spirit of the God.dess of Love makes us quite like to do, loving one another, not one other. If someone quite likes you and you quite like them and you are studied and thus approved believers in making love as whoreship you can’t do much with your clothes on so....

Now 2,000 years later we move on. Everything is still relevant but the question is how should we live? - and so we come to Orgasmianity (, the very original way it was and where the roots of the Gospel of Love come from as God was preparing it back then to later appear in “John’s” gospel. Making love as an act of worship, the religion of making love which Mary Magdalene was a High Priestess of in the temples of sacramental sex (“she who is in Babylon”), so we start out now for the third era, actually fourth, with 1 Corinthians 6:20 “For you have been bought with a price therefore glorify God, (party, by making love, lorgify) in your body”. Now it is time, is it not, to thankfully make love as between believers and party, making love as thankful worship, with love and orgasms no more being subject to contract, i.e. marriage which neither the New Testamant nor Jesus particularly advocated though the church promotes it, an arrangement perhaps fine for when people died at 40 but now ends uncomfortably about 50% - 70% of the time for those persuaded to enter into it. Marriage, mars your life and you end up in a rage. Any who promote it could end up on the receiving end of a lawsuit for promoting an investment of time and money in which it is known that some 50% of people lose their money, a lawsuit they may well lose once 50% is surpassed. Marriage is best avoided when there other alternatives like Orgasmianity foldmateships or renewable relationship agreements. If I were still a teacher, as I used to be, it would be something I would be teaching my pupils about: to think divergently.

Love one another, not one other. Present your bodies as a living sacrifice to God, this is your “spiritual worship”. Making love as between believers as we are commanded to do in fulfillment of the law with whomever God’s spirit of love makes you thankfully and mutually responsive and so now to share love, as Jesus said, becomes a very attractive message and makes it easy to have faith and you come to love God more by loving Herim through loving one anothers/foldmates. It’s not hard to believe at all because that is how it was originally meant to be in the Garden of Eden before the serpent stuffed things up and Eve got all the blame for what he did. Bonking one another ongoingly in love and orgasms-as-praise worship with whomever you are infilled to love who quite likes you being similarly infilled in foldmateships in parallel in fulfillment of Jesus’ commandment to give thanks and love one another, not one other, and so by loving your neighbour loving and whoreshipping God, fulfilling the first and second great commandment together is a most wonderful religion and totally unique making it the one true religion. It’s the only religion where you get to make love with your bible study teacher if it’s mutual, girl or guy. What a satisfying way to give thanks as true fully committed worship.

Orgasmianity is strictly Bible based but mostly based upon “John’s” gospel of which it can be said it and the first letter of “John” were written by the “disciple whom Jesus loved”, Mary Magdalene. Jesus didn’t just otherwise love one disciple out of the 12/70/120/5000 circles so it is clearly a romantic description.

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