S tarting Real Soon!

Coffee and cake, like-minded meet up type sessions in the Concord Library Coffee Shop on various esoteric topics and themes, sure to attract like-minded people for you to meet, if these arcane, recondite and abstruse intriguing topics are of interest to you.

No Charge, just Duck in if you have time, buy a refreshment and some food if you want to meet some other like-minded people to interlocute and spar with.

Look through the list and pick the topics you like and text to Dr Duck on 0419 605 365 your interests and preferred days to attend, and hopefully bring a friend.

When numbers for a topic reach at least, say three, I will text those interested for that topic and seek to come down upon a date and time best for everyone.

Then away we go.

Please spread the word and text this massage out far and wide

Here is a list of interesting forthcoming topics:

  1. Learning How to Manage Your Money, Public Domain Information.

  2. Two Unusual Methods of Dealing With Bullies.

  3. Every 3,000 Years The Revolution Goes Female, The Last One Lasted For 1,500 Years” Long Live The Revolution!

  4. Alexandra Kollontai – Who Was She?

  5. Reprogramming Your Subconscious Mind for Success

  6. Global Warming – A Hot Topic – Unusual Evidence from The Most Obvious And Most Authoritative Australian Source That Neither Side Ever Wants To Talk About – Why???

  7. Digital Medication And MHA s68 (e) Treatment Alternatives v Chemical Medication In Mental Health

  8. The Textual Unearthing of Magdalenic Christianity v Petrine Christianity

  9. Is God.dess Female or Male In The Bible? The Evidence May Surprise You As It’s Not Just A Matter Of Pronouns.

  10. Common Law Relationship Agreements And Arrangements Versus Marriage

  11. The Art and The Keys to Drastically Ruthless Wholesale Decluttering

  12. A Study In 27 Countries Found That 1 In 6 People Are Mutually Attracted To Each Other. It’s That Easy. Let’s Talk About This. There Will Be an Interesting Handout.

  13. How Your Court Settlement May Actually Be A Secret Loan. Learn How They Do It.

More will be added in time

Please text your:

* Topic preference number/s and

* Preferred day and time, and

* Your name/s,

and I will seek to accommodate you.

For each talk I will aim to have some documentation to email or give out for you to take away. Documentation that is emailed out you can email on to friends as some may be interested to attend future sessions.

If numbers for these topical coffee and cake sessions grow larger and numbers swell then we will walk into the meeting room and sit there if we can and everyone has to buy a drink and one or two to take home etc, and some food to eat and some food to take home for dinner so as to make it all worthwhile.

I do not get paid for any of this. I do it all for free as from the age of 14 I started learning/developing a different type of personal accounting system, whereas over 90% of people have never learnt any and so have none and many are in a mess.

Dr Duck, (Dr David) Ex Teacher, “Once a Teacher, lways a Teacher”, Regular Visitor to the Library, Simply Text or Ring Me On; 0419 605 365