ADDITIONAL, ONE-OFF OR REPEAT, PUBLISHED ENGAGEMENT RATES (additional to and flowing from his being rendered an Investor at age 12 by a 1966 Order of the Supreme Court, 1990 Deed of Engagement and Provision undertakings of 18.6.1990 and various Doctorates).

As of 20th February 2013 Dr David Gregory Murphy's charge out rate for professional, necessitated, enjoyed or sought out discretionary engagement/attendance/training was $1,000 per hour and upwards, negotiable.

Dr David Murphy is the awardee of five, soon to be six, Doctorates and currently charges $5,000 per hour or per event for advertising and promotion and engagment in vexed circumstances or where there has been misrepresentation and/or deception or response is required for actions by charlatans and imposters that are frivolous, deceptive or tendentious.

Publications and advertisers seeking my account are welcome to approach for purposes of six to twelve month assessment of advertising feasibility.

Entities seeking to take advantage of me or scam me are advised that will likely invite and be subject to an ‘idepaige’, i.e. irrevocable, determinable, evaluative, presumptive, assumptive (general) invited equitable blanket lien over all their assets worldwide, whatever they are, whereever they are, if any.

Dr David Gregory Murphy welcomes donations and you are welcome to approach Dr David Gregory Murphy to make a donation and/or pay tribute or donate your assets and services, in whichever way you wish.

Costs and financial obligations incurred can be exchanged for other acceptable assets or acceptable corporate or personal/intimate/explicit/delegated/vicarious services or experiences or other acceptable offers.

Dr Murphy can be contacted on 0419 605 365.

Dr Murphy herein advises that Magdalene Temple charges $A20,000 per hour for aggressions that may call for defence or necessitated or vexated response.

Peter Anthony Greening's charge out rate for necessitated attendance is $275 per hour.

All correspondence from the private person Peter Greening (“PG”) will in future be charged at the rate of AU$275 per hour, i.e. two hundred and seventy five dollars, at increments of five minutes or part thereof. All appearances of PG at mediation or court will be charged at AU$1,000 per appearance, i.e. one thousand dollars.

Maria Skylass advises that her charge out rate is a minimum $100 per hour.