How to get the best results from your SCWL Sublimation CD’s

Play your CD’s every day for at least one month.

Use them within context. Put yourself in situations which will call forth the new programming in your subconscious mind and experience different responses.

Write down a list of goals and results you would like to achieve with the CD’s and let your subconscious go to work as the subliminal messages refashion your subconscious responses.

Play the programs while you are engaged in performing activities you enjoy or while the conscious mind is focused on other tasks, like reading a book, working on the computer, studying, watching TV going for a walk, lying down etc. No matter what you are doing your ears are always open and the sounds of the CD’s are going into your ears and automatically to the brain and being processed so as to impact and refashion past laid down conditioning till more preferred behavioural response pathways are superimposed and the old responses are erased. It is like replacing a worn old track with a super highway.

For major all round changes use your personal library collection of CD’s in combination so that they can interreact with each other. A multi faceted all round compound result is generally better than a single result.

Replay your CD’s again for at least 14 - 21 days if past undesirable conditioning reasserts itself as say under stressful situations so as to erase errant response pathways in the mind.

Changes may be imperceptible at first but build up over time especially when action is taken based upon the changes to allow and encourage the new conditioning to flow.

Although results start to become noticeable within 21 to 28 days they may take longer but with consistent use over a number of months and taking action results become quite evident.

The process of changes taking place is a very natural one. As changes take place it may even seem as if it was going to happen anyway. Just remember to think back as to how far you have come.

Keep a daily or weekly journal of change and write down the events and changes and actions you notice so you can see how far you have come and can show others.

Please write us a testimony of your results that we can add you to testimony pages hall of fame.

All programs come with a no risk 90 day money back guarantee on results. If you feel you did not get the results after listening for 90 days simply return the programs in the 14 days after the 90 days for a full refund.

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SCWL Australasia

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