In Celebration of the Grand Momentous Birth of Reserve 16!!!, April 26th 2022:

Law Therapy Interventions and Processes – A Duty To The Court – for 1964-2022

It’s A Public Prosecution – Everyone is Entitled To Know Both Sides Of The Alleged Fraud

  1. UCPR Sections 17.3 + 17.7 Notice to Admit Facts, Burwood Local Court, 26.4.2021

  2. Irrevocable, determinable, evaluative, presumptive, assumptive, (general) equitable (idepaige) liens and foreclosing at law thereon

  3. Contractual Civil Bets - Equity Division of the Sydney Supreme Court, Law Therapy Precedent #1, 15.12.2015 and 26.4.2022: Birth of Reserve 16 on 26.4.2022.

  4. Jury Rackets and Fraud, and Tickets Out of Jail, Law Therapy Officially Recognized Precedent #2, 17.6.2019, see below. Law Therapy alternative: ‘written home jury’.

  5. Developing Financial Responsibility, personal account keeping system, 25.12.1967

  6. The Relationship Agreement, common law alternative to marriage 21.2.2005

  7. Out of Court Settlement Recovery Fraud

  8. Bullying

  9. Doctoral and Professorial etc ‘Legal’ Degree Destruction Fraud

  10. Cascades of Calderbank Offers

      11a) How to up assessed damages to a higher sale price by using two famous precedents from the 1700’s - and b) how to do even much better than that!

      12. “Terms not to be disclosed” clause automatically turning a saleable out of court settlement into an implicit loan at 9.5% p.a. compounding interest trap.

      13. The ‘Tort to Contract Swap’ - the key is consent.

      14. A retreat to a Mental Illness/Capacity allegation by the State or a party is a clear admission that they do not have any more substantial viable pleading than a mental Illness defence, and it always seems to be a defence to me, as if they had a viable pleading they would plead or prosecute it that and not a last hope mental illness/capacity argument and so must retreat to a mental illness/capacity allegation allowing one to then immediately go for the jugular and claim they are admitting they have no proper claim or defence and so must revert to a mental illness/capacity argument which is admission that they have no higher case to plead and one is thus, by their admission as to that being the case are immediately entitled to a UCPR section 17.7 Judgment on Admissions and the case immediately finishes in your favour as the opponent has admitted by default that they have no case and so had to retreat to a mental illnessxxx/capacity argument which signifies that one does not have any case of merit that you can argue, and so must retreat to a mental illness/capacity argument. It is more than a retreat, it signifies a rout, and by your immediately claiming your section 17.7 entitlement, you demonstrate before the Court that you do not have any mental illness. The logical outcome of such a doomed mental illness/capacity retreat, if it was not opposed met with a section 17.7, is that you would not have capacity to buy weekly groceries, as title to the groceries would not pass and you could not eat them and would starve to death – so preposterously stupid is the desperate patent nonsense argument.

    1. Big News: Putting Law Therapy on the map. Coming to a Court near you soon. At last: open court is really coming. If you have are in a criminal case and you are a victim you should be entitled to a link to your matter,and not be obliged to pay for a recording or any transcript, since it costs the Courts next to nothing to record the proceedings and also now to produce a transcript with current technology. If it your case then you, and in fact, in the interest of a safer and more just society, anyone should be entitled to a copy of everything including the link to the full recording of the proceedings. In fact, in criminal, open court cases, everything should be freely available at the link, all audios, all documentation, all exhibits, all statements, all affidavits, all full criminal records of all parties, all examinations in chief and cross examinations, all judgments and orders, and full audios of all jury deliberations so as to know how a jury verdict was arrived at in open court. All at the free link for any one to listen to at anytime they like, and engender any further discussion and enquiry and the exposure of untruths, as we have a principal of open court and freedom of information and protection of the innocent, so they should be available to everyone for free and up on the internet for 50 years. And when all that starts we will start to see a transformation to a more peaceful and just society and everyone being involved in uncovering crimes and section s312’s and 316’s and 319’s.

Audio: “An Introduction to Law Therapy” talk given by me at the Open Forum in Chippendale in Sydney, 9.1.2019

Former Self Litigants Association Reading Material

Self Litigants Association: about_sla.pdf

Self Litigants Association: why_a_sla.pdf

Self Litigants Association: sla_about_panels_and_cells.pdf

Self Litigants Association: sla_library_books.pdf

On June 15th 2021 in the Federal Court I referred a gigantic pandemic sized secret invisible but jealously protected fraud, going since 1614, which I am the only person in Australia to have ever detected, to the Commonwealth Department of Public Prosecutions for a major prosecution. I am being prosecuted for having reported the secret fraud and for having subsequently been the victim of 177+ frauds by ASIC and CDPP operatives, whom they are representing and acting for.

You are welcome to read my public two part submission filed and sealed in the Federal Court and transferred to the C.DPP here and here and here and here so you will know what it is all about so it doesn’t happen to you and also know what the public prosecution is all about.

Here are some documents for you to investigate:

77 sponsored frauds upon me by ASIC’s and the CDPP’s skilled operatives,

107 ‘fraudulent retention’ frauds upon me by 13 banks,

My 30 page initial defence and explanation to the Local Criminal Court where ASIC and the CDPP are prosecuting me for my being the victim of 177+ frauds by their operatives.

Come along and discuss these and other matters at my Dr David’s Friendship Dinners every Friday and Saturday nights in Sydney.

For details as to what’s on please go to: and ring or text me on 0419 605 365 to make enquiries and/or to advise of your intention to attend.

Dr David Murphy

Doctorate of Spiritual Law Therapy, 8.4.2019,

Esoteric Interfaith Theological Seminary

Law Therapist

Founding President: Self Litigants Association 1999

Free Service – No Charge

0419 605 365

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The Defendant has been caught allegedly paying the debts of others which are not his to pay.


On 20th June 1966, $7,931 was paid, pursuant to a Sydney Supreme Court Order, on my behalf, into a Sydney Supreme Court bank account.

The moneys were never spent.

Two in-evidence rates of interest have since been applied to my moneys, one after the other, from June 20th 1966, right up to the present day.

My moneys, to this day, still, have never been spent.

Defendant’s Confession:

To get rid of some of the moneys I admit that I have been paying other people’s debts which are not mine to pay”.


Defendant found Guilty !


Defendant to buy other people’s debts first and then pay them!


"Morrissey Nic" <>


"Anjali Bhardwaj" <>


Thu, 19 May 2022 10:00:04 +1000


Please have each debtor and witness provide an outstanding debt amount proof for my purchase of each debt. - sending again as I forgot to request confirmation of receipt

May 19th 2022

To Mr Morrissey.



1) Please have each of your debtors and witnesses obtain, by means of sending the wording below, an amount in writing from their bank, or creditor, on a letterhead sheet of paper with the business card of the bank officer with whom they have communicated, signed and dated, to give or email to you for you to immediately email to me for me to purchase their creditor's debt with them and then for me to pay out my newly acquired debt, as sentenced.

The debtors and witnesses can simply email this wording below to their bank or creditor to obtain the buy/pay figure from their bank or creditor, which is to be provided to me no later than by 6pm tomorrow, Friday May 20th, if they are agreeable for me to purchase their creditor's debt, as sentenced, and then pay out my newly acquired debt with their former creditor or bank with my negotiable guarantored appreciating Court Order originating moneys, or if not say why.

After I buy and pay the creditors' debts, under my new 600% system, they should be hearing no more adversely from their former creditors. If they do I would like to know why and be advised.

2) I shall soon be sending you a list of moneys that are alleged to be evidence of the alleged proceeds of crime, allegedly criminally paid by me which are to be disgorged from the people who have received them for gain, as all knew or should have known, the moneys, as evidence of the alleged proceeds of crime, could not be touched or spent, but had to immediately be sent to ASIC or the CDPP to be deposited into a trust fund for eventual production to the Court as evidence of the alleged proceeds of crime. Presumably ASIC and the CDPP, quite naturally, as is due process, currently have all these moneys in their appreciated amounts as, at all material times, all parties knew or should have known or should have been informed, that the received moneys cannot be spent as they were obtained from me purely as evidence or constitute alleged evidence of the alleged proceeds of crime by me for production to the court and for eventual release, and so hence could not yet be spent and are now to all be paid into the Court in their appreciated amounts, if you have not done so already. If any of the recipients have spent any of the moneys, even one cent, then it is clear evidence that they knew or had been told that the moneys, indeed all of the moneys, were not alleged proceeds of crime, so all moneys, to the last cent, in their appreciated amounts that they were expecting to eventually recoup must be promptly paid into the Court, as they were all intended to be court evidence in the long anticipated, long planned for trial.

I shall provide the list of subject moneys shortly.

I am also preparing a list of moneys that have allegedly been defrauded from me by operatives and agents acting for instructing principals as alleged evidence of the proceeds of crime which are all to also be promptly paid into the Court in their appreciated amounts as they are all evidence of the alleged proceeds of crime and have never been able to be spent or applied in any way, as to do so would be fraud.

I put you on notice that I have counted over 100 frauds practised upon me over the past five or so years, and am still counting, not to mention all those before that, that have been the subject of efforts to conceal but which have always been in clear evidence before you, at all material times and about which you have kept quiet.

This letter will be produced to the Court.

Dr David Murphy

0419 605 365


I have someone quite solvent, who, as a result of a very constructive four hour May 2021 consultation with ASIC, followed up by consequent instituted Court proceedings brought about by (a seeming different department of) ASIC in the Courts, he has, during the conduct of those lower court proceedings, been both properly found ‘guilty’ and quite properly sentenced by a higher Court, which found jurisdiction, to, under the accrual system of accounting, buy, along with (any)other people’s debts, my debt with you, with his ‘capital appreciating’, equitable entitlement guarantored funds, and then to, straightaway, go on to pay the debt, that has just become his. Curiously, despite the higher Court verdict of ‘guilty’ having been found and an appropriate, learned and judicious ‘purchase/pay ’sentence handed down, the CDPP is continuing to prosecute him after the above sentence has been handed down and he has accepted it and is underway with compliance.

Please advise by return email in writing within 36 hours, i.e. by Friday, tomorrow, at 6pm, of the price for him, within say 48 hours, to, under the accrual system of accounting, buy my debt and then pay out his debt as a result of the constructively arrived at, so called, ‘ASIC Innovation Initiative Incentive’.

My BSB and account number is:

If you do not provide a price then that shall bring about an automatic stay of my payment obligations, during which time no further interest will accrue until you provide a purchase/payout figure and any details. It may even annul the debt.

We advise that upon his purchasing of my debt and then his paying out his debt, my direct debit facility with you automatically concludes and no more direct debit deductions are to be taken. His very generous purchase of my debt and very generous consequent payout of his debt will give rise to some considerable change which is to be returned to him within, 28 + 7 days, lest there be default.

Yours Sincerely


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To Everyone

This may be of interest to anyone who has been convicted by a jury or adversely or financially, and tortiously, impacted or had a lot of their precious time wasted due to a jury in New South Wales since June 17th 2019 - or is wanting to get out of jury duty for good.

Precedent: Jury decisions have not been binding or lawful or enforceable in New South Wales since June 17th, 2019 !

In fact not only that but it is retrospective from that date backwards !

If you have been adversely affected by a jury decision since then or before or would like to know how to get out of jury duty please give me a call and I will email you a buried and now invidiously unearthed legal precedent that would not have seen the light of day if an attempt to take over my moneys had not come my way. The precedent was created by me on June 6th, 2019, and upheld by the 'Courts' on June 17th, 2019 but unexpectedly came to light due to the just mentioned approach to me.

You can now start pleading this.

Even apart from the precedent the argument stacks up on its own.

Dr David Murphy

Law Therapy Doctor

0419 605 365


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Law Therapy Precedent #2, 17.6.2019


David G Murphy <>





Thu, 06 Jun 2019 04:00:16 +1000

Juror number 01588025

My objection to performing jury duty on May 6th is a legal one.

The use of a jury denies a defendant to his or her right to knowing the grounds, precedents, case law and reasoning upon which the members of the jury made their decision.

A defendant is not provided with any reasoning or grounds for the decision and so cannot appeal upon the basis of any reasoning etc. given.

Hence, it is an unjust process which denies a defendant his or her entitlement to information as to why the jury made its decision and if it was even on legal grounds with reference to precedents, legislation, case law, evidence, testimony, statements or the like.

A defendant is entitled to a reasoned decision in writing to take to their cell for their edification and to assist them to formulate any appeal.

A jury system does not allow this and so is unjust and should be abolished and judges' decisions only be given. It is also very time consuming and inefficient.

One reason originally for the jury system was to protect a judge from reprisals and sheet any blame onto the unknown members of the jury. This needs to be rethought in the twenty first century.

Sorry about the delay in responding. I think I am one day late.

It is better that I did not attend as if I did the commencement of this interchange would not have arisen.

David Murphy

Law Therapist


On Mon, 2019-06-17 at 13:41 +1000, wrote:

We have reviewed your explanation of why you failed to attend for jury duty. We have accepted your reason.
For more information, visit or call 1300 722 574 between 8:30am and 4:30pm weekdays.
DISCLAIMER: This email and any attachments are intended only for the addressee named and may contain confidential and/or legal profession-privileged material. If you are not the intended recipient you must not use, disclose, copy or distribute this communication. If you have received the message in error, please delete the email and any copy and notify the sender by return email. Confidentiality or privilege are not waived or lost by reason of the mistaken delivery to you. Views expressed in the message are those of the individual sender and are not necessarily the views of the NSW Department of Justice.

From: David G Murphy []
Sent: Thursday, 4 July 2019 5:01 AM
To: Sheriff.Jury
Subject: Re: Jury service - Failure to attend as summoned 01588025

To juror.nsw

If we accept that my reasons are valid then what should take place from hereon in in the interests of justice that many may enjoy their denied rights, past, present and future, NSW and interstate and international?

Please pass on my response to the relevant decision makers to further respond to me. I look forward to hearing from them.

David Murphy


Date of the Cause of Action Accident at Bressington Park, Homebush Bay: 9.05 am, 23rd August 1963

2UE Top 40 chart that came out that morning.

Wipeout Page – Why Pout?

Some amazing signs, divine portents and proofs to ponder in our Murf the Surf Wipeout murfari surfari.

Please click on the links to hear the music.

Wipeout Tune on Youtube. At the beginning you will hear what sounds like the ground cracking under me as I fell in the subterranean fire that morning at 9.05 am.

Wipeout, by the Surfaris, hit number 1 on the 2UE Top 40 on the very morning of the accident (23.8.63) at Bressington Park, Homebush Bay, showing that a many faceted Wipeout facility would eventually develop from my personal wipeout, at age 9, that morning.

Also please check out:

#2: 55 Days at Peking, by Rob E G, the number of days between 23.4 - 9.90 when Comer came to have me breach the Terms on behalf of his instructing client/s and 18.6.90, the date of the Deed, 55 days at peeking in between.

#4: Bombora, by the Atlantics – a long slow running wave which can't be seen from the surface as it goes by but which swamps the beach when it breaks.

#13: From Me To You, The first Beatles song to ever hit the 2UE Top 40 announcing how the money travels from me to you when we do a ‘Debt Wipeout’.

#22 Ring of Fire by Johnny Cash – “I fell into a burning ring of fire.”


#34 The highest newcomer in the chart, at the number of the house in which I grew up, No 34, announced that I was Not Responsible, by Helen Shapiro, not at fault.

Two other notable songs are #18 My Whole World is Falling Down by Brenda Lee and #31 Falling by Roy Orbison.