There are many who seek serious committed relationships or marriages with those we love desiring the maximum satisfaction, security and mutuality. However many such relationships operate on the level of talk alone and do not formally commit and enshrine their ventilations and desires in writing to achieve the maximum amount of peace of mind and certainty possible by way of sacred writing – such as a written channel of communication underlying the union and a flexible written agreement.
The personal Relationship (Partnership) Agreement is a common law alternative or adjunct to marriage where a 'designer' relationship/marriage can be planned and mapped out where assets are designed to be not at risk as long as a sequence of ever-renewing Relationship Agreements is prevailing.
This common law renewable Relationship Agreement invites you to achieve a new level of depth and constructive commitment in your relationship or marriage. The Relationship Agreement provides a 'backbone' to your relationship or marriage which cannot be achieved by mere talk alone and without the enshrining of all parameters of a relationship in writing. The renewable Relationship Agreement is for those wishing to address all the issues that may arise to achieve the greatest degree of 'ventilation', commitment and satisfaction possible in their relationship or marriage.
The Relationship Agreement is 'relationship insurance' designed to make your relationship or marriage risk-free should you choose to cohabit. All too often in the eyes of the law, cohabitation puts assets at risk but with a current Relationship Agreement in place you can commit and cohabit, and assets need not be at risk whilst the Relationship Agreements prevail. The clock only starts ticking if the last in a chain of agreements expires and is not renewed and the common law jurisdiction of contract abandoned.
How it Works
In the Relationship Agreement, you agree upon a duration and renewal date, after which the Agreement comes up for renewal and the terms revisited and revised. This can keep both parties on tippy-toe best performance in the hope of a renewal. Upon renewal to can have a celebratory 'ranewal' party to which friends are invited if you like. You agree and update your bond/s, if you wish, and your frequency of communication/coming together, if you wish, and update your running costs split and update your goals in the relationship or marriage and, importantly, you both update your various terms as to what is really important, perhaps even assigning a degree or ranking of importance out of 10 for each term for each of you.
The Relationship Agreement is for those not afraid to declare themselves and enshrine in writing the most intimate and important aspects of their relationship or marriage and not afraid to write them down. If your relationship is treasured and worth enshrining then at the outset and upon each renewal, spend an hour or so to memorialise all aspects in writing and both agree upon it for the duration of each Relationship Agreement.
Each partner should keep all past copies of each consecutive Relationship Agreement so you can see how your relationship or marriage has progressed over the months and years and in case the copies need to be relied upon should there be cause to do so.
The Relationship Agreement calls for a bond, or consideration, from each party, to be posted at least once or in a series, which can ultimately be given to the party, not in default, should there be a break-up, so that assets might not be at risk. Although we provide you with the Relationship Agreement and notes, we request that your bonds be posted with us for the term or sequence of your Relationship Agreements and so there will be a record. The bond is to be paid in any considerable amount you choose on Paypal and paid to either Upon payment keep your Paypal receipt to prove, if needs be, that you have paid a bond or series of bonds and how much.
Also in your Relationship Agreement, you can agree on running costs for your relationship or marriage such as 50/50 or one side to pay all or 2 to 1 etc. A reckoning and balancing and squaring up in money or the like may be carried out at the end of each month or quarter or year.
In the terms on the reverse side, you each write down what is important to each of you during the duration of the Relationship Agreement. These can be little niggling nitpicking things or deal breakers. All that is important is ventilated and recorded in writing for the term of the agreement.
At least perhaps one so-called 'joint venture', and preferably more, should be agreed upon that so that you both have at least one common interest you are working upon. A relationship/partnership where you have no active common interests that you are working on may not have as much depth as otherwise attainable. Two or three are even better to create a relationship with a two or three+ fold cord which is not easily broken.
Upon each renewal, you agree on a term or duration for each sequential Relationship Agreement, at the end of which you revisit and revise the terms and perhaps have a big 'ranewal' party to which you invite your friends to witness and maybe even receive copies of your Relationship Agreement. In time, when they are all doing their own Relationship Agreements, there will be continuous whiz-bang 'ranewal' parties to go to all the time! Much better than a one time only wedding reception!
You can agree in the terms as to whether your relationship or marriage will be closed or open. If it agreed that it is open, you can have multiple Relationship Agreements in parallel with other parties with whom you have ongoing parallel relationships, and all is agreed. There is nothing wrong with this and, by means of a number of parallel RA's, you can mindblowingly work on perfecting and dovetailing all your multiple parallel relationships in sync as they can too. We should 'love one another, not one other', and you should love all those you really quite like who really quite like you.
Your first Relationship Agreement could be for a short duration such as three or six months and then renew at the end of that term. It is good to renew fairly often as, in time, you will find that it is important to revisit and fine-tune your terms as you perfect your relationship or marriage over time.
A copy of a Relationship Agreement can give the elusive elements of structure and direction to the endless merry go round of dating as at some point you can bring out the Relationship Agreement and discuss what might be your goals and terms and a trial period for your first RA. Some people will perhaps not want to enter into a committed relationship or agreement without an RA, and some may not wish to commit to that level of intimacy. Suggesting an RA can quickly tell you if your dating is going anywhere worthwhile and can prepare your partner that you have a road map for your liaison.
Those in Relationship Agreements may wish to start an RA Better Lover group in their city announced under the community tab at the Better Lover website, so those in Relationship Agreements can meet regularly to discuss, plan and perfect their relationships and marriages by continually fine-tuning their terms and bond etc. and sharing new ideas.
How to Start
To enter into an RA, please print off two double-sided copies of the Relationship Agreement on big sheets of paper and fill in in two different colour pens, red for girls and blue for boys or the like. Discuss the precise wordings for your terms and write down those that are important. One party may have more terms than the other, and a point score can be given to each item. The Relationship Agreement can be completed in the company of a relationship counsellor or another couple or friend to help decide on your terms if you don't mind someone knowing your more intimate terms.
Whilst the Relationship Agreement is in force the clock is not ticking on assets being at risk as there is a common law agreement with consideration in place. Once the RA lapses the clock starts ticking, and the law of the land takes precedence.
An Essential Term!
It is strongly suggested for best results that you both agree, as a term, to being better lovers by watching together at least two of Susan's Better Lover sexual training videos together per day, or 10 per week or 25 per month. For better results and a deeper relationship watch four per day instead of TV, two for her and two for him, naked whilst perhaps lightly masturbating so your mind will be at its most relaxed and receptive and impressionable. Do this in your relationship or in your marriage or in your dating or on your own or with multiple partners. Invite friends to come around and watch the training videos with you naked. Agree to do all that is presented there and share your learnings and experiences with others. For best results, you must repeatedly practice what is being presented there so that you become better lovers.
Share the youtube URL as widely as you can and tell all your friends, relatives, neighbours and workmates etc. so more people will discover Susan's trainings and offerings and become better lovers.
I request that when you have experienced some success, or whatever you would like to share, you forward me a descriptive testimonial of your experiences for me to post for others to read and benefit. Contact details can be provided if you like.
The Relationship Agreement is © and IP and is exclusive to Susan Bratton's Better Lover site. The RA is designed to dovetail in with the Personal Life Media trainings that a deeper, more intimate, more secure and stable designer relationship or marriage may be entered into.
Bonus section: To hear two talks on the implementation of the Relationship Agreement, to be found couched amongst some other very practical life-changing topics, you can go to and listen to a range of very practical talks that I gave at a workshop for Mission Australia.
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