Once in every 3,000 Years the Revolution Goes Female and lasts 1,500 years

The last major such Female Revolution (a Royally Sponsored and Ordered one) was around 970 BC and

its effects continued on till around 600 AD, when it, being a somewhat localized Revolutionary Middle-East Female Order was

extirpatedly snuffed out by way of a from-north-and-south pincer movement edict to rape, pillage and drive out and steal all their lands, assets and moneys,


assets and moneys, to this day, still belong to the now practicing Daughters, the Heirs of that First Female Revolution, who mostly have yet to ‘find themselves’.

It was all then not at all nice, and it now falls to the duty of every comradina woman, and their untrammeled pure-hearted comrad men,

whom they are most happy to ever encourage in the cause to the uttermost, to avenge, avenge and avenge, and to reclaim, reclaim and reclaim,

when the woman find this to be their ancient spiritual home, for this Revolution is spiritual, lovingly spirexual, and the women and supportive-to-the-hilt good men

share in all their stolen or driven-out-from lands and assets, upon which many rents have been accruing, for as many as fifteen hundred years.

Why should any practicing, true believer woman ever have to slavishly work for (as opposed to alongside) any man again?

Viva la Revolucion!!!

Join the Revolution and please bring new female friends to the cause.

Please text your interest: your working name, your suburb/town,

a preferred email address, if any, and your interest and your hopes,

to me, Dr Duck (my tribal name), a practising Alexandra Kollontai Doctor,

at last, one in Sydney with two bulk billing facilities (!), Funder of the Revolution on 0419 605 365

Female staff working in business entities etc in Sydney who would like to have

their employers “Femalisically Revolutionized” please contact me to make a time to meet to discuss and join up with other women seeking same.

You may be most surprized! The groundwork may already be in place and they have ‘Cross.ed the (R.u:bi.con(ned)’

and all that is needed is a ‘Legal Letter of Notice and Demand/s’ from me and thence commencement of revolutionary female repositioning and co-op restructuring.

There are processes that have been put in place over the past few decades to do this.

Every situation will be different.

Please click to listen.

Anthem One: Version One With Lyrics, More versions here

Anthem Two: This Song Sets the Key, to put it the other way around. Much more of her here


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Join the Revolution. Please text your interest: your working name, your suburb/town, a preferred email address, if any, and WHY YOUR INTEREST AND YOUR HOPES, to me, Dr D, FUN-der of the Revolution, on 0419 605 365


Join the Revolution. Please text your interest: your Working name, your suburb/town, a preferred email address, if any, and WHY YOUR INTEREST AND YOUR HOPES, to me, Dr D, FUN-der of the Revolution, on 0419 605 365


Join the Revolution. Please text your interest: your Working name, your suburb/town, a preferred email address, if any, and WHY YOUR INTEREST AND YOUR HOPES, to me, Dr D, FUN-der of the Revolution, on 0419 605 365

More stuff: This guy writes too much stuff to read. Some comradinas and tribalistas should all get together and come around to his place and fuck him all night to fuck some sense into him. He said we can bring our own blindfolds.


We marched down the streets twenty times

but Revolution never came.


What does it take to make a Revolution come???

Why does nothing ever change???

Why did it never happen???

Will it ever come???”

Answer: Wrong Revolution ! – you were in a boys club money making venture, and over 99% of everyone in the past did not know they were generally manufactured capitalist money making ventures to return a long term stream of profits to somewhere.

This is the Revolution you were wanting but you could and can never get in a boys club, because every major uprising and every major revolution in history has, as just said, always generally been a boys club and unknown to say 99% many they have always generally been fairly profitable money making ‘capitalist revolutions’, as revolutions cost money and the money has always had to come from somewhere and that somewhere wanted a return on its investment. For example, this one that our lady Alexandra (who you’ve seen up on my site and wondered who is she?) got involved in: please click here: (the article has lots of headings so you can simply go down and look at all the headings and see whatever you might want to read).

As a ‘hands on’ but rather decidedly unmaterialistic student of a particular method of funding a revolution that has been around since an invention of a chap in 1614, and of this and that, I can usher in The Revolution/s that is the one that every cameradina and feminista and every true faith believer woman of numerous different persuasions ever really wanted: “The Revolution is Female”, not just another boys club with nothing really in it for the women who always came off as second class: because I’m not stupid and have various ways of funding it from my legal matters going back to childhood. So at last: The Revolution is Female.

Soon we’ll start having some coffee meetings as was the done thing a few centuries ago, but I have already worked it all out as to how “The Revolution is Female” can be done – now up on Facebook (as a direction sort of given by a lady in my criminal matter), so now the boys are saying they are going to ban social media in Australia so as to contain it, meaning we are on the right track and have hit the nail on the head, and every one has ten of them that they generally look after more than men (can be taken two ways).

This is the one you were always after:

The Revolution is Female. We have two sites: The Revolution is Female (you don’t necessarily have to join Facebook just to look at it, but you can and Facebook is interactive), and this ‘provocative, call to action, early days site.

Also, I point out there are some new dynamics in the mix that have never been available for or in any past boys club (purported) revolution or uprising. In her time, neither Alexandra or anyone else did not know about them, but bespoke, prophesied, “the victory of a new social order and different economic system” and this has attracted the attentions of 40 ‘staff’ teams of thieves in my matter, who did know of them, since 1975 when I was as a teacher and Teachers Federation rep who put forward a proposition out of the Hills branch, that has assisted a great many women ever since, i.e. ‘job sharing’, and was a marxist as I took home and marked my pupils’ compositions (we really should have taught them how to write letters rather than useless compositions which are as useless as learning trigonometry or latin (although my latin teacher was a real spunk and that’s why I chose to do latin rather than commerce and memorized 50 ‘unseens’ which was the only reason why I passed ‘cause she was such a honey, the most beautiful teacher I have ever seen, (my social studies teacher chick with the Citroen was also pretty hot too, she used to chat us up at lunchtimes, as did one or two of my pupils with me often at lunchtimes at Baulkham Hills Primary, at 21 I was only 9 years older than them and during class a gang of four girls used to get up and march out and all give me massages in front of the class to show the class which primary school, year 6, girl gang had claim on their pretty boy teacher because they could give him massages in front of the class during lessons (one of the girl’s surnames was Layman) to show the class which girl gang owns the teacher), I memorized 50 latin unseens for, on account of, her). Being claimed by and fought over by competing girl gangs who all want to take you to one of their homes and all rape you (which is impossible, it is impossible for a woman to rape a guy, simply cannot be done, she is welcome to have masses of fun trying but it can’t be done) to stake out their territory and show dominance always sounded like a much better idea than precautioned marriage to me).

We are Socialusts. Heck, he’s been running these dinners for over 40 years for women to find nice agreeable men to take home and amuse themselves. Why ever get married? Marriage puts assets at risk. Security in numbers, have twelve on the go at anytime and none of them can get anywhere with you or get your stuff. How many women do you know who got married, got relaxed and settled down and not long afterwards met the love of their life. It is not a nice situation to be in to discover you had been sucked into making the biggest mistake of your life in some crap marriage. Many women have told me this that even on their wedding day they knew on the day that they were making the biggest mistake of their lives, and not long afterwards along he comes, the love of her life, and she is already married – the biggest disaster any woman can ever have, it is not a fun situation to be in and you are stuck.

I ended getting carried away with writing what’s in italics below, so I moved it so you can read it later, and maybe send it off to some people.

Tonight you are going to hear some things you have

never ever ever heard before.

You will hear more at future planned, for starters: coffee sessions.

There will be opportunities for you to get involved.

Please discuss with me or around the table tonight.

This is a topic you probably thought I did not

know anything about – you will be most surprised.

I may give a little 2 or 5 to 10 minute discourse, followed

by people’s questions on this tonight to put up

as a link for women to listen to at their leisure.

I can tell you it has actually and gradually and invisibly

been building for quite some years in a most invisible way

to do with a certain heroine who died in 1952 and

since a certain revolutionary 1960 event in particular,

and from around the time of these two anthems,

the third verse of which which one of my older sisters

used to walk around the house singing defiantly at

our mother, maybe you did too, which I am sure you will all

most fondly remember and had pinned your hopes upon,

or, if younger, will have heard.

The second anthem of course you will also all know.

Women: Your time is nearly here.

Time to start hearing some things

explained somewhat differently that you did not know.

All that walking down, and maybe even of,

the streets will not have been in vain.

Please click to listen.

Anthem One: Version One With Lyrics, More versions here

Anthem Two: This Song Sets the Key, to put it the other way around. Much more of her here.

Put those two together with Alexandra, (yet now in 2023 there is a different unexpected dynamic in play) together with this piece from 23.8.63 (you can hear the ground crack and give way right at the beginning) which something to do with it, but not the way they think or like,

and the more cluey women will start to catch on as to what is coming together, and be supportive as they most femininely and most feministically and most appreciatively can, or just for the cause and/or just because they just plain like it, or as only the most loyal and agreeable really can, or just plain have the ever increasing, uncontrollable hots to, and so should in whatever preposterous and outrageous, bare-all fashion they like, I think, as in such displays of loyalty situations women can never do anything wrong and cannot be faulted, as it will be the only way it was ever going to have been possible, yet some women are going to appear to not be on the women’s side and will attack – Why???

Right from the beginning of Dinner Club in October 1978 I have always always lamented: “Why have I been given this ‘thing’ that appears in no way Revolutionary, when, being an Irish Rebel on my father’s side, I have always had a noted rebellious streak, but I never verbalized it.

Dinner Club always seemed something a bit too sedate. It did not appear to ripple any waves, and many others would have thought the same: too tame.

Yet to so many people coming out of horror stories Dinner Club was their first port of call, a safe harbour, an introduction to a way of life they never knew existed, and a chance to start again, maybe with someone new, salve their wounds, recover their mental health in a way not possible in any other way (“a social life is good for balance”), hear “healing” conversations many said that they had never heard anything like before, so different to what they were getting at home and work, it was pure healing just to hear them and be immersed it them, and return to the fray if they wanted, knowing they could always come back and stay on my list for free “as insurance” and “just in case in case I were to lose you”.

God.dess Has Always Worked Through Dinner Club,

and some others similar that have come and gone, to heal so many lives. It provided the emotional social “healing” they needed at that time. A very pure but very different form of ‘socialism’, as the versions of ‘socialism’ we have always heard about have no really social events for anyone – you just get sort of talked at and told what’s gonna be what.

Yet to many others it did appear to be somehow be so, compared to marriage, which I have never believed in, as say “marriage puts assets at risk” etc etc. At so many many many dinners over the years we heard so many many stories of horror and fallout from that institution – which in case you did not know: has absolutely no religious basis in any religion – in case you did not know, but people think it does because they all push it, but it does not – you try and find a verse that commands it anywhere – there are none, and any you can think turn out to be ‘booby trapped’. A few odd cults who really push it had to write something new, because marriage is not commanded in any holy text anywhere, but people who are not well read, and have not “studied to show themselves approved”, and have not studied to see if these things (what things???) are true, think it is but it is not. There are no such scriptural verse directives. Marriage comes from somewhere else completely, and the more opposite and away from it you get and live, the more you come into some very hidden and very arcane, recondite and esoteric truths – some extremely surprizing, shocking even at first, and mostly rather social, ‘socialistic’, socialism, but different. And eventually for some, after perhaps having gotten a few fingers burnt and wondering if you have been taken for a few expensive rides and wonder will you pick the next ones next time, or just hide in a hole, you start to wake up. Just make sure it really doesn’t cost you too much money because it can all done for little cost, for most people. Eventually you can come to some major truths, some most decidedly very social – because the answers are not all ‘within’, many are ‘without’, so also look ‘without’, not just ‘within’ - because by now you should already know what’s within.

So, I lamented that I had been given this placid unrevolutionary ‘thing’ that to me looked no way Revolutionary compared to some things I knew about. Yet many newies were seeing it totally differently, just the calm placid shelter from their storm that they needed, for many something their own private revolution in their lives, yet I never really told anyone. Others of my ilk thought “No Revolution here. Let’s go somewhere else where we can bomb some buildings, stuff up people’s lives and find people who will tell us stuff to tickle our ears and make us feel good.”

With what is now starting to happen I am starting to become, not just as a social healer as I have been for so many years, and also now a complementary law therapist etc, I am surprized how mistaken and purblind I was, and the type of latent and long simmering Revolution that is now starting to happen and the reactionary, totally selfish, stultifying and utterly retrograde forces that are amassing to oppose, control and steal it – as if they own it and own you, yet, at law, I know they have all been defeated and know exactly how and where, even the two decisive dates, it was done. I just seem to have a vantage point and ‘other eyes’ to see what is coming together - and how to help guide it.

How surprised and more pleased I am starting to become !!! - yet I still continue to be assailed by utterly retrograde scammers and operatives who are nothing but thieves, sheep in wolves’ clothing, and possibly you’re getting them too. Even just yesterday I had an instructed operative female scammer ring up (0428 643 xxx using crypto as a front, on the brand new phone, which apparently has some connection to it) to collect bribe money for an in-the-pocket-(in-the-bag)-judge, the third, (I’m looking forward to eventually who gets assigned) on account of a brick wall that got hit in the immediately previous call just 90 minutes before, and so promptly came the hit by an instructed operative to fetch the payment, (unfortunately I didn’t wait around to hear the amount from her but I already roughly know what that price would be and who would be paying and why, so I couldn’t be bothered waiting, but they’ll be back), a la ‘rope style,’ like so so many times before – I’m wondering what number team she fits into, I have a choice of two, but those two might just possibly part of the same one), but both sides use them and no one can get away from them and they know ‘what’s what’ and have their ear to the ground, and all talk amongst themselves, if they want, and all have ‘stuff on each other’ in their ‘tap-on-the-shoulder’ economy, hear everything from both sides, but usually they are just so utterly conventional in their thinking. Occasionally they’ll throw in a question somewhere or in a scam call about my matter that none of them quite understand so since I’m the only person anywhere I who understands it so have to throw a quick question and I give them the correct answer, as an ex teacher, and educate the, as otherwise they’re all ‘making stuff up’ as in that way they, they’re client always ends up in a mess, yet even though I tell them they still end up stuffing it up and in a mess, every single time). Otherwise, and they all think they are all so righteous and immaculate – it is their only way through – to bribe a judge and do a ‘trifecta’ because they seem to know some of them have a price, and it seems some do. If you’re getting them too, it’s for one reason and one reason alone – because you are important, and they think everything you own belongs to them, as otherwise you would not be attracting their attention, and would not know they exist,- but as they see you as important they see you as a ‘sitting duck’, a ‘wood duck’ and work out how to go for you, as you did not know these type of people exist – and there are some very interesting ways of dealing with them that can ‘blow them out of the water’.

Anyway, I digress. All good stuff.

You can look at this site too

Yes, I have my 26 lead soldiers and I am getting my ducks and duckchesses and ducats all in a row