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New South Wales data says:----Decidedly No. Bonus: The sunspot effect on Sydney Rainfall: 1859-2019 Sydney Rainfall Graph

Victoria data says:----------------No

Queensland data says:-----------Well, No

South Australia data says:-------Probably Not

Western Australia data says:----No

Tasmanian data says:------------Apparently Not

Northern Territory data says:---No

Antartica data says:--------------Unlikely

Macquarie Island says:----------Yes!

Australia says:------------------- Not Really-----

Premises and Process

  1. In order to best determine the statistical and chartable veracity of alleged, so called, 'global warming' and 'climate change' as a result of an alleged 'greenhouse effect', for each state and territory of Australia and for Antarctica, one need go no further than the publically available Australian Bureau of Meteorology's maximum and minimum temperature observation readings for some 1,969 observation sites across Australia going back to 1856, to be found at

  2. The observation raw data to be found there is the final arbiter on what is happening, temperature-wise, in regard to the global warming debate as it concerns Australia. I look forward to many other researchers in other countries following suit with similar studies of their own Bureaus of Meteorology equivalents' observational temperature histories and pursuing the courses of action I outline below.

  3. The accompanying data and charts to be found at the above links show what I believe to be the best and simplest way this data can be presented, analyzed and interpreted.

  4. For this study only those 211 sites, with over 100 years of temperature observations, were taken into account so as to discover any long term cycles and make relative findings.

  5. Each state has been studied and charted separately to discover its own results. Eight charts are provided for each state, four (1 to 4) relating to the maxima readings and four (5 to 8) for the minimums. I assert for my study the minimums to be the more significant.

  6. The results are presented in spreadsheets with the eight charts each and you are able to see on the left the very formulas that have been used to analyze the data, to the right, to create the charts.

  7. For each chart a standard linear trend line has been generated and on the left of the graphs you are able to see how many degrees Celsius are in play for that graph. Across the bottom are the years the chart covers.

The Charts

  1. The first chart for each state is the annual average of all the maximums of a state's sites and the fifth chart for each state is the annual average of all the minimums of a state's sites. These calculated figures are to be found in the blue column b. A standard linear trend line has been generated by the spreadsheet program.

  2. The second chart for each state shows simultaneous 5, 10, 20 and 50 year moving averages of the maximum temperatures. The sixth graph is the same again but based on the minimum temperature readings for that state. The calculated figures giving rise to the graph are again to be found in columns c, d, e and f to the left. A standard linear trend line has been generated by the spreadsheet program, usually based on the 20 xxx year moving average.

  3. The third chart is the highest of the maximums over the twelve months of each year for each state. The seventh chart is the highest of the minimums over the twelve months for that state for each year. Again a standard linear trend line has been generated to show upward or downward or even flat line trends.

  4. The fourth chart is the minimum maximum over the twelve months across all sites for each year for that state or territory. The eighth chart is the same again: the lowest of all the twelve minimum months across all sites for each year for that site. It is submitted that the eighth chart for each state is the acid test for any global warming as it is the lowest minimum of the minimums for each site in each state over the 100+ years. If there is any global warming being caused by excess carbon dioxide (which is only 0.18% of the atmosphere, 1/600th!) it must show up here in the trend line as the maximum readings tend to be influenced by

- human habitation, such as the continual increase of heat absorbing building materials causing increased ambient heat in 'heat sink' urban centers, which ambient increased heat finds its way into the maximums readings. In former times solar radiation was absorbed by plants as photosynthesis, but as greenery made way for more and more urban construction, there results increased heat as reflected in the maximums readings. On the carbon dioxide note, it has been observed that where there an excess of carbon dioxide, as in a greenhouse, the plants take up the excess and flourish. This is the true 'greenhouse effect', plants proliferating due to the extra carbon dioxide.

- observation sites are increasingly being positioned at airports and the resulting readings are slightly impacted by the 'tarmac effect' where a dark tarmac becomes a massive heat sink radiating ambient heat - that is unless the tarmac is white. Airport buildings may also impact readings.

  1. As said, the acid test for global warming are the eighth charts, the absolute minimums of the minimums for all the sites in a state, as they absolute minimums are not affected by the sun and the trend lines are of especial significance.

  2. An all Australia summary chart is also provided, but please bear in mind that for charts one, two, five and six the results are skewed by the size and weightings of each state or territory, taking into account the area of each state and what its own summary readings contribute to the overall Australia wide summary charts. It is recommended that to get a truer perspective, rather than just referring to the skew affected national charts one, two, five and six, study each individual state's charts, instead, taking into account the number of observation stations for each.

  3. Apart from the states, the NT and the Australian site, Antarctica's results are also presented, even though the three Antarctic sites chosen are not of as great longevity as the Australian sites qualifying. Antarctica is also an acid test for global warming and chart eight, the minimum of the minimums for each year, it is submitted, is the clincher for the contrary argument in relation to global warming. If global warming is happening then it must be clearly evident in the minimums of the minimums across the years for all states and the two territories, (NT and Antarctica).

  4. Macquarie Island data is also analyzed and presented.

  5. As the data for all the 211 sites has been provided, you can pursue your own studies for any particular location, now that you know how to do it. The supplied super heat sink Sydney charts are an example of how do to just one site.

  6. If you like you can become a part of what comes next - or do your own.

The Laying Down of a Contractual Civil Bet

  1. On December 15th in the Equity Division of the Supreme Court of New South Wales, I, as a litigant in person and the founding President of the former Sydney Self Litigants Association, had the esteemed honour and privilege of securing the first known precedent for a taken up 'Contractual Civil Bet' in that Justice Lindsay of the Supreme Court, found there to have been a loser in the said civil bet that came before the Court. This loss was reversed ten weeks later (24.2.16) in the then 'contractual civil bet' context, which implicitly, by finding at that stage there to have been a loser, was a finding for the said civil bet's having been in force and hence for the said civil bet's existence and antecedents and elements, and for there being initial winners, eight, who all forfeited their notified wins. (A play has been written on one of these initial wins. I'm after a producer for this historic epic win of an eventual 4 billion dollars and for the bringing to the life the story (“Catherine's Win”) of one lady who foreswore her winnings under oath in the Downing Centre Local Court).

  2. I now level one of these 'contractual civil bets' at all those who, in the face of this compelling evidence, in particular those profiteering opportunistic fraudsters and scammers, who argue from a now unfounded position.

  3. The amount of the 'contractual civil bet' ante (stake) is again $500 million for governmental organizations and $250 million for corporate organizations and $20 million for individuals (lower antes will be considered). If a leveled 'contractual civil bet' is not taken up it will be seen as a concession to the evidence and conclusions. Aspirants to the contractual civil bet must have capacity to 'throw their hat into the ring'. Persistence with such arguments in the public arena after 30th June 2020 will be taken as acceptance of the challenge of this leveled 'contractual civil bet'.

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