Affidavit with Submissions in Supreme Court Matter: 1443/64 and 2011/327194

      Someone once

    1. gave me a box of darkness. It took years to understand that this too was a gift.”

      Nevertheless, it has been time well spent.

      DrrDavid’s Aussie Debt Bailout Solution

  1. This page will be of particular interest to all those wanting to know how to have their debts, loans, mortgages, losses, bankruptcies, taxes etc paid out, and purchases paid for, for only 20% or less of their outstanding balance and be able to move on with their financial goals much more quickly than they had expected by way of a unique all Australian financial ‘woomera’ effect!

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  1. Debt bailouts on terms have been available for the purpose of rescuing banks for centuries. Now, from an unusual Sydney Supreme Court legal matter (1443/64, David Gregory Murphy v The Council of the Municipality of Strathfield) spanning nearly 60 years, it is possible for appreciative individuals, companies, NGO’s etc to have recourse to this debt bailout remedy on very favourable terms, even if your debts are not at all onerous.

  2. On June 6th 1966, less than one month after I became a Christian (Magdalene Orthodox, ((Manuscripture #1 GTCMM (L1AN1O), Manuscripture #2 (SHeBible))) at the age of 12, after originally suing on February 20th 1964 through my father for an amount of £15,000, I entered into a Terms of Settlement with Strathfield Municipal Council, for 30% thereof, on “terms not to be disclosed”, with no admission as to liability on its part, in relation to a burns accident that had occurred at the now pilgrimage site Bressington Park former Tip in Homebush Bay on the morning of 23rd August 1963, the very morning when Wipeout’ by the Surfaris prophetically reached #1 on the 2UE Top 40 chart as a divine portent and imprimatur from God of what was to come in the far far distant future. Two days later on June 8th 1966 the Supreme Court in Sydney confirmed me an Investor by an Order of the Supreme Court. It was covertly disclosed to the Court in the application for the Court Order in three ways that the gross settlement amount ($9,500, 30% of the original claim) was earmarked for recovery with interest in the far far distant future, as is probably perhaps quite common.

  3. It appears that at that time in the mid 1960’s the then all powerful Government Insurance Office, GIO, owned by the NSW State Government was approaching children to settle out of court with a view in some cases to fetch back the settlement moneys paid with 9.5% p.a. interest 30 years later by taking all future assets and properties so that the GIO or client could reap a 1,665% return over 30 years, contingent upon a contrived breach of the child’s terms 24 years in the future by the agency of those specialists in the future who would hold the notorious office of doing such covert recovery work for the GIO and the NSW State Government. Tellingly this recovery from child settlement-creditors is still endorsed by the NSW State Government to this day, near 60 years later.

  4. For Christmas 1967, at age 14, I was given a diary with a personal accounts section in the back. Apart from big desks and bookcases, diaries with accounts sections are one of the best presents you can give your children. From January 1st 1968 I commenced keeping accounts, a practice I have continued with ever since. I developed ways of keeping accounts that allowed me to leave my full time job at age 25 and be financially independent.

  5. In 1981, at the 15 year mark, and after I had left teaching due to a successful business venture at age 26, Custom Credit, a finance company then owned by the National Australia Bank, NAB, approached me to recover my settlement money by way of a lease on eight video games. I completed the lease after four years with flying colours and sold the business for $25,000, which was promptly fetched back off me by way of a clever corporate fraud, presumably by the party who was to instruct Comer later on in 1990 who believed I owed a debt arising from the 1966 alleged settlement actually having been a loan to a minor at 9.5% p.a interest at annual rests. (Reserve 1 as at June 20th 1985 was $44,483.22 so it makes perfect sense that the $25,000 fetched back by way of a corporate fraud was regarded as an advance recovery on moneys that I allegedly owed, on top of the 60 video lease payments of $795 ($47,700, calculated by Custom Credit to be about the value of Reserve 1, a little before June 20th 1986, showing again that the 9.5% p.a interest rate on the settlement loan, that I discovered in 1999, to be factually correct and quite amazingly in operation and being applied at that very time and arising from the 1966 purported ‘settlement’, when I was 12, actually being a 9.5% p.a. loan to a minor with security taken, which was finally verified in 1999 from my 1443/64 Supreme Court archives file and the reason why AGC approached me to get further additional moneys off me and my father in 1990-1). By my completing the four year lease in 1985 with flying colours I gained an excellent financial reputation such that shortly afterwards in the late 80’s I was able to amass ten credit cards with a collective total limit then of $50,000 instantaneous cash, without need for overdrafts, all managed on a Maxiplan spreadsheet on my very early Amiga computer.

  6. On April 23rd 1990, at about the 24 year mark, the Australian Guarantee Corporation, AGC, a guarantee, finance and leasing company owned by Westpac, approached me via two of eventually four investment / finance professionals to, as an act of entrapment, evidence and engineer a breach of my 1966 Terms of Settlement and, as happens in such plum cases, for a 30 year clandestine profit of 1,665%, to fetch back the nominated gross settlement amount of $9,500 as consideration for the breach – but not a breach by me. This first loan investment was the commencement of a year and a half series of loan investments raised by AGC via one of the finance and investment professionals (Martin Comer), backed by complicit Commonwealth bank cheques, that were all adeptly designed to be caught by the Credit (Administration) Act 1984, the so called ‘Credit Act Scam’, designed to move money to their instructing principals via his Five Dock accountancy practice clients acting as conduits for the moneys.

  7. As it had been found that I could not breach, I was presented with a Deed of Engagement and Provision on June 18th 1990, the day the June 20th 1966 net settlement amount of $7,931 reached $70,000.00 at around midday at an operational shadow interest rate of 9.5% p.a. compounding. Many investment loans were raised by AGC via the special ops strategy bankrupt accountant, Comer, to have me borrow against my ten credit cards and line of credit, which the banks knew about so that I could not recover, due to the recondite Credit Act Scam, and would quickly go bankrupt courtesy of one of the two finance companies that had approached me.

  8. At para 4 (a) (ii) the Deed provided to me due to my not having been the party who had breached on April 23rd 1990, had a provision for “all moneys outstanding” and provision of the matured value of what was a 30 year loan (1966-1996), at 9.5% p.a. compounding, to me in 1966 as a minor. The provision in the Deed said that “all moneys outstanding” were to accrue at 40% per annum, should I not be the party to default under the Deed. In parallel to this the Deed was also structured to bankrupt me so I would not ever benefit from the provision. Upon its receipt of its copy of the Deed on June 18th 1990, AGC went (default) guarantor of the Deed, should I not be the party to default, as was thoroughly expected to happen as purposed and by design. The guarantee was given as insurance, and possibly for upside gain (as is now manifesting), that AGC not lose its Credit Provider’s licence, as did Custom Credit (above) for scamming, as the approach by AGC to my father and me was superficially a fraud, but for the Deed, provision and precautionary guarantee. Three months later the agent (Byrnes) who entered into the Deed with me, who had been instructed as to the date and the $70,000 amount in the Deed, kindly defaulted on cue. Unexpectedly to AGC and the operatives, surprizingly (and alarmingly to them) I did not default as expected - or at all, due to my unusual personal accounting system I had practised since age 14 and my God given business, Midwest Research SCWL, now a blessing division of the Magdalene Temple.

  9. In 1990 AGC / Westpac recovered my father’s moneys from a sale of a factory in our family which had been collateral security for the 30 year loan, as if I had breached when I was not the party who had actually breached.

  10. All during the period from 1990 to the present day I have kept records of “all moneys outstanding”.

  11. In 1999, as a result of a guided tour of the Supreme Court, run by a legal support group, FLAC (For Legally Abused Citizens), I chanced upon my Supreme Court childhood file and noticed that 1966 and 1990 dates and amounts appeared to be related and that there had been a precedent-established interest rate in operation on the net settlement amount I received in 1966 as evidently a loan, not a settlement, something that happens to some people who settle out of Court, which led to the finding by a Supreme Court registrar that in the Deed I finally got my settlement, and it was lawfully growing at 40% per annum at quarterly rests.

  12. The Murder in the Matter

    It is suspected that my father, Neville Goode-Murphy, my next friend in 1443/64, seeing no way out of a financial trap that had been laid in 1964-6 and believing that he had been defrauded, by AGC and Westpac, by way of the 1995-6 Commercial Tribunal matter, in July 2002, (as an aim of the whole somewhat local matter had been to get my father’s share of the precisely timed factory sale moneys). My father became the victim, seemingly as some bizarre sort of punishment, of an alleged, arson murder, by some perpetrator/s doing it at that time to intentionally destroy (or take) all my on site documentary evidence, that had increasingly been noticed as having been assembled and appearing in affidavits and submissions etc, coming to light to present a formidable picture comprehensible only to those in the know. I have now had three confirmations that it was arson and so murder. Shortly after I noted that one remaining folder of documents that survived the fire, that had been buried by debris that had fallen on top of it, and that I had put on the back seat of my car, quickly disappeared from the back seat of my car. An aim of the fire appears to have been in part to destroy the SMC letter of release and any copies of the Deed and its provision and guarantee, which with the unexpected 1999 Supreme Court discovery were very slowly starting to take on a new dimension. Nevertheless, the fire caused a setback of some years. It appears that it is beyond reasonable doubt that the recent approach by ASIC to get my money on behalf of its instructing foreign and domestic principals, the insolvenced CCP and the guarantor Deutschebank et al and to trick me out of my money, was in the same vein as the burning down of the house and alleged arson murder of the next friend in 1443/64 in order to destroy all his recollections and all on site documentary evidence. These parties and their operatives ASIC was seeking to assist and protect whilst at the same time flinging the paid out debtors back into debt, all the while saying they were trying to help them when ASIC was only trying to help themselves, their operatives and their clients and principals to seize my money in a matter where they have no jurisdiction over me as a Supreme Court settlement beneficiary imaginatively accessing my tantalizingly somewhat distanced, guaranteed, appreciating, negotiable moneys, in the only ways either the common law, combined with equity, provides and thus allows.

  13. However my father died innocent and blameless. He did not ever ever break his oath, not even once. I did not ever even know he had ever sworn an oath as neither he or any other human being had ever, or has ever, told me, that there even had ever been an oath that he had ever sworn or might have broken. I found out everything by other means. Neither he, nor his wife, my mother, ever told me or improperly disclosed any secrets, not even one, for which he was accused and for which he was executed, as had been alleged and the house burnt to the ground and accursed for all time such, that over the past 19 years, since the 2003 arson curse fire in Homebush West, no one will dare touch it and nothing has ever been able to be done with the site as it is known to have been accursed. I found out everything by other means, some to much of which has been by divine revelation. He never did break his oath as was alleged and charged. My father died innocent and blameless - and I can prove it. My two sisters and I are not the children of a man who broke his oath as is being silently alleged and played out. My sisters and I are, instead, the children of an honourable man who was horribly murdered by someone, for allegedly having broken his oath but, however, instead was an honourable man who had not ever broken his oath but was horribly murdered, by someone, as if he had, believing, so as to exacerbate his death sentence, that he had, furthermore, up to and at the time of his death, been the victim of a monstrous fraud, orchestrated perhaps by the same above person, and perhaps an enemy, when I had not been the party to have breached my 1966 Terms in 1990, when called upon so to do. That is who we three indeed uniquely are. He was absolutely true to his wife and all times and never broke his marriage vows or dishonoured his wife or anyone, ever, not even once. He was an honourable and upright and noble man to the end and did not understand why and of what he was being accused and executed. My father was improperly murdered as he did not ever break his oath, as alleged and charged. My father died innocent and blameless – and I can prove it, as I found out everything by other means, as I am of a different order of a different other sister tradition. I challenge anyone, anyone at all, to now come forward and prove me wrong as my father died innocent and blameless and paid a terrible terrible price, that was not his to pay but did pay it, and did indeed, most worthily, go to heaven – and not anywhere else, as may be being alleged! The three secrets, for the alleged disclosure of which my father was executed, for which disclosure I obtained release of my original 1966 defendant, SMC, in 2002, were the not to be gross settlement amount of $9,000 + $500 = $9,500 in Term 3 of the my not to be disclosed Terms of Settlement of June 6th 1966. The second absolute secret, which he is alleged to have told me, and so broke his oath and so was sentenced to death, which was never to be revealed, but for which I have had release for 20 years, is a figure which is absolutely nowhere to be found in any documentation or evidence anywhere in all my matters and which no one I have ever met has ever told me or probably would ever even know or have ever heard of and it was allegedly believed that I could only ever have come to know it by his having disclosed it to me, and so allegedly he was believed to have remembered it from 1966 and told me whilst I was living with him in the family home 1997 to 2002-2003. This secret which appears absolutely nowhere anywhere that I could nowhere anywhere have discovered, and so allegedly must have been told by the only person who could possibly have known it, and so by his execution proves it to be absolutely true, beyond any shadow of a doubt, is a core interest rate in operation upon my 1966 gross settlement amount of the said $9,500, of 9.5% per annum at annual rests in operation from 20.6.1996 to 18.6.1990, the date of the long planned for Deed, for which alleged disclosure he was murdered, is it not the case, I now ask under section 17.3 of the UCPR? I did not learn this operational percentage from him, nor the $9,500 amount not to ever be disclosed, but for these alleged disclosures of these two secret figures he was executed, and the entire house was burnt down in a ‘m…... cremation’ (he was thus cremated twice) to both kill him and get rid of all the documentation and evidence that was starting to appear around the Courts, but he did never disclose them to me and so he never broke his oath as I found out by other means and so he died accused but was innocent and blameless at all times but was executed by someone when he had not broken his oath. How I divined the 9.5 % rate being in operation in this practice of recovering Court settlements off children, a practice that goes back as far as 1614 and perhaps further, and the also secret total profit this alleged person or entity sought to make of 1,665% over 30 years out of me, I shall not yet disclose, as it is a secret fathoming art of mine as an adept of another, the one and only other, secret sister tradition (The Daughters of Zion, also going back 3,000 years, likewise, as the other Order created by King Solomon, but to celebrate his Coming Together with the Queen of Sheba rather than the Foundation of the Temple, paid for by the 1,000 dowries of the Daughters of Zion, 700 wives and 300 concubines of King Solomon, who thus, due to their investment outlay, own the Temple and the land upon which it stands – thus settling any dispute as to ownership of the most hotly contested piece of real estate in the world, (MM was the then owner, now it is rightfully owned by her practising female DOZ successor/s)) but I did not read it anywhere and no one ever told me. So goes the fifth secret silent cause of action, which could never ever be pleaded due to secrecy. Out the window, or into the furnace it goes, as my father died innocent and blameless and again upon this basis also, those who oppose me, once again, do not have a case as I told the Court on April 26th 2022. This is a reason why this site or any site can be taken down, and the bail orders for me to do as to commit suicide are improper and illegal and a sword to fall upon for the party that accursedly ordered and paid for them, upon whom can deservedly be visited the twin defaults of May 10th 2022 – as my father died innocent and blameless and my ‘next friend’ in 1443/64 did not ever break his oath and so is totally vindicated and so the fifth secret silent cause of action fails and is gone and is no more – and never ever was, as neither I or my father ever ever broke oaths. But it can be pleaded now because I know it and have revealed it and is no more a secret and you are welcome to plead it if you like, go ahead – as I know it all and it is no more a secret, and I have never ever sworn any oath, as in our sister tradition we do swear oaths, as in our sister tradition, and in each and every one of its orders, we have been ordered, to not ever swear oaths. So now, “all can be revealed” as in all that I am doing I am avenging my father’s honour and an honourable purpose of this site and its unimpugned background is to flush out the murderers of my innocent and blameless slain father and to return the fire curse back to the fully intentional adept or master, or curse castmaster, or even grandmaster, who either cast the fire curse or who authorized the casting of the fire curse, or seeks to interfere with this cast back process and so summon the damning fire curse upon themselves, that was intended upon a most honourable man who did not ever break his oath, meaning that now, as we have a very powerful and evil death fire curse here, this once set forth death fire curse must go back, either, to from whom it came or to he or she who, on purpose, diverts it to themselves, that, in lieu, they be willingly and knowingly and desirously and vicariously damned for all time, as was intended upon my father, who, but, did not ever break his oath. The same will be done with all future curses, each and every one of them will be cast back whence and to from whom they came - and I am told we already, consequently, have our first willing prime suspect who has nominated themselves, to the intended implicit exclusion of all others - and I know who knows their name, because they have told me, and were attemptedly set up in so doing, which I undid, thwarted and saved them from some most invidious deemed planted demonic admissions secreted in a most cunning dual purpose affidavit written to entrap that person.

  14. No apology has yet been received and it is submitted that the bail conditions do not, apply at all until both

    a) an abject written apology for the mistaken murder from the complainant, for whom the prosecutor is prosecuting so as to fool the Court, and who is currently in default, if not double default, due to the improperly accused, for and

    b) with an atonement consideration of my $240,000 (stage 1, without the anticipatory Deed provision interest that applies to “all moneys outstanding hereunder” added, but which will later be added giving rise to an accessible Reserve 16, for prompt payment within 28 days being for some $370 million, by your own informed election and desire to duly pay to the Temple, in pain of lien), by way of my service of my five doctorate general attendance fees, aka and i.e., blood moneys, upon his two operatives, on his behalf is also received by me in writing to consider and again hand up as I did with the Extract in the first minute of my address on day one, thus concluding the proceedings at the very outset, which the Court should note the prosecutor had never disputed in writing, or at all, with legal argument submissions handed up and precedents.

  15. All of this means that someone, somewhere, an unknown party has its own copy of my 1443/64 file and other documentation, that should be produced to the Court, that I have never seen and it is quite likely that they have hundreds and perhaps thousands of other clandestine files also. It appears that they have now disclosed to me through this person a secret rule that all court files, right up to completion, and wish to remain secret but have revealed themselves and their motivations and undoubtedly the illicit motivator for the bail application and the very person who made the complaint has identified themselves as my father’s murderer of a man who had not broken his oath, but instead knowingly executed him as if he had, that curses may abound.

  16. On December 23rd 2003, GE Capital Finance, as the then new owner of AGC, gave me a written apology on behalf of AGC as my Christmas present.

  17. In 2014 I used most of my ‘Reserve One’ funds for a ‘contractual civil bet’ which I subsequently won and doubled my money. In this way ‘Reserve 10’ was born. After that, on December 1st 2017, the Asherah Magdalene Common Law Reserves Temple Charity Bank (AM Charitybank Homepage), (AM Charitybank About Us) (BSB 792 000, (reserved)) was instituted to be the functional construct umbrella receptacle of my some 15 reserves of appreciating moneys that have eventuated since 1963.

  18. Over the course of the years a number of different chronologies of events were compiled for later inspection. These are to be found at Chronology#1, Chronology#2, and some Submissions.

  19. In 2017 the common law equitable entitlement moneys known as ‘Reserve One’ were getting alarmingly large and I knew I had to do something with them lest there be an allegation that I had abandoned the moneys. I reasoned that if I had moneys that stemmed from a Terms of Settlement, which I was not the actual party who had breached, and a Supreme Supreme Court Order and a Deed of Engagement and Provision, to which I was not the party to be in default, and a consequent provisional, upside, insuring, guarantee given to me by a subsidiary of a major bank, then one thing I should be able to do with such ‘alternate’ Australian legal tender moneys, unaffected by statute of limitations, bankruptcy, breach or default by me, and never spent, is pay some debts. So, hence, in 2017 I decided to use my moneys to pay off ten old credit card debts that had been frozen since 1997 waiting for me to come back and pay them off. I used the moneys to pay off the ten credit card debts with each of the four big banks and proved that my Court order, Deed modified moneys can be used to pay debts (Westpac, Commonwealth). I then proceeded to use the moneys to pay out debts for other people who are appreciative from my lawfully established, accruing funds. Here are eight testimonials from eight different people whose loans were lawfully paid out by way of my sending money from my Reserve 1 / 12 accounts to their creditor’s bank:

    Steven 1: Testimonial, Letter,

    Erin: Testimonial,

    Bridgette: Testimonial,

    Craig: Testimonial,

    Lisa: Testimonial,

    Tania: Testimonial,

    Susan: Testimonial,

    Steven 2: Receipt

    Henry M: Affidavit

    Vanessa: Testimonial

  20. In May 2020 I made a complaint to ASIC that people whose debts I had paid out with my ‘anti-credit’ moneys were being stalked by creditors and banks to pay the moneys again. ASIC decided to sue me after my having made my detailed complaint. This appears to be what happens if you make a complaint about ASIC’s corporate clients to ASIC, even if you, in fact and at law, are ASIC’s implicit client - ASIC sues you and puts up defamatory disinformation on the internet with your own money and has foreign recovery companies contact you to collect further moneys off you as fictitious sham investments, presumably for a commission. The letter to one of ASIC’s corporate publicity and collection agents in this case, Adline (Motio Play), who approached me at the instigation of ASIC to obtain moneys towards the running of ASIC’s investigation against me for my having accessed my Court Order originating moneys to pay out the debts of others for a continual 75% loss without a licence is here. The evident reason being for this action by ASIC to sue me for making a complaint was upon the instruction through moles of its foreign corporate client, the Chinese Communist Party, over whom I evidently had effectively and lawfully, and thus admittedly, just weeks before, correctly and lawfully taken my enforceable grand super mega idepaige’ WW3 corona war lien (the hegelian dialectic Magda-Lien) on March 23rd 2020, at the outset of biological World War 3 warfare contagion proceedings upon Australia that month, and shortly thereafter, due to an inherent ‘Achilles heel’ flaw peculiar to socialism that I, as a law therapist knew. Consequently I “foreclosed at law’, as was my right, and lawfully and successfully became the lawful owner of all its thereby attached and captured assets and all those of its 95 million members and the assets of all tendentious, phantom front organizations which cause so much nuisance, trouble, disharmony and disinformation worldwide. Since I had implicitly admittedly been successful and gained title to all subject assets on March 27th 2020 and all subsequent derivatives, the resultant witnessed ASIC response materialized, as if I had not been successful the CCP would not have instructed its instrument ASIC to sue me on its behalf purely to get my appreciating money. Now we know who ASIC acts for when someone naively makes a complaint to it. Now that the Victory has been won it’s only a matter of waiting for the world to catch up with the New World Order, a different one to the one that had been expected, and do the processing due to my financial coup d etat of all the financial, corporate, property and intellectual assets of the above parties which now comprise the composite lawfully attached fund which is Reserve Twelve from which half the payments are made of a custodian of those moneys, extracting them and paying them to creditor’s and impacted parties and us and the guarantors by way of the four 100%’s paid out.

  21. The purpose of the ASIC case was not to prosecute me for paying people’s debts without a licence at then a 75% to 100% continual loss, as a recovering litigant in person, so as to finally be able to have access to my negotiable, ever appreciating Court Order originating equitable entitlement moneys as ‘static’ cash, in one of the only ways that the law provides and the law allows - and which profits debtors and creditors and guarantors alike – which is no crime or scam. The purpose of the case with ASIC was to surreptitiously, even deceitfully, gain title, ownership, control and management of my ‘anti-credit’ moneys, the second such attempt for a second foreign paying corporate client. This further attempt involved a Federal Court judge who presumably was well remunerated and secured a compromised advancement, but the treasonous and treacherous attempt backfired, unexpectedly securing our nation a great opportunity. Nevertheless, an ingenious means of securing my ‘anti-credit’ moneys off me was attempted and was foiled. If my equitable entitlement ‘anti-credit’ moneys were not real ASIC would not have gone to such effort and expense on behalf of its CCP client to obtain the moneys for it, an attempt which backfired. Nevertheless the CCP has put up disinformational defamatory entries up on the internet to trick debtors to stay in debt, harking back to 2012 when twelve defendants in 2011/327194 all made section 17.3 admissions in my then court case where the court found that the default situation was that my moneys had been received by me and were mine to do as I pleased - and none opposed the outcome, but one.

  22. In order to achieve the end of defrauding me of my equitable entitlement ‘anti-credit’ moneys in the Federal Court, ASIC had to admit that the moneys were indeed real, legal tender and able to be used to pay debts and loans as there had never been a date or an event since June 6th 1966 when the moneys had ceased to be real, ceased to be legal tender, ceased to be mine to manage and direct, ceased to be negotiable or ceased to be accruing at a rate of interest, firstly 9.5% p.a. from June 20th 1966 to June 18th 1990 and then from 40% p.a. at quarterly rests from June 18th 1990 to the present day, 125 quarterly rests as recently celebrated on September 18th 2021 with the new procedures.

  23. As said, in ASIC’s material which they initially served upon me they admitted that they had found my 1966 Court Order originating, 1990 Deed modified moneys were real and can be used to pay debts and loans. The attempt to defraud me in the Federal Court did not get far and was foiled. Furthermore, in June 2021, I filed and served upon ASIC indisputable details of the actual historic fraud within my matter that was practised upon my father and myself by ASIC’s corporate clients and they have done nothing thus far in relation to the demonstrated corporate fraud (which in my case backfired in 1990 and 1999 but is nevertheless replicable and presumably commonplace as a method of blackmailing the courts to gain an upper hand).

  24. It is my experience that ASIC played the part of a go between acting for corporate criminals for a fee which backfired and resulted in liens being taken and foreclosed upon at law over two of the guarantors (first: Westpac ‘idepaige’ lien and second: Deutschebank: ‘idepaige’ lien part one and Deutschebank: ’idepaige’ lien, part two). If my equitable entitlement ‘anti-credit’ moneys were not real then they would not have spent so much time, effort and expense trying to work out how to lawfully prise my equitable entitlement ‘anti-credit’ moneys off me.

  25. However, it has all been for the best and I must thank ASIC for such a salutary experience. The main things that came from the case are:

    a) the ‘finding’ that my equitable entitlement ‘anti-credit’ moneys are indeed real and are legal tender and officially able to be used to “pay debts and loans” and mortgages – and that process of paying out debts, loans and mortgages can be achieved by my paying them compliantly from reserves 1 and 12 by electronic mail – email, as detailed in this unrebutted document.

    b) For completeness another document that has not yet been rebutted is a document on the Nature of the Money.

    c) Also out of the case eventually came the 125th Quarterly Rest Announcement modifications, (the so-called ‘ASIC initiatives’) and

    d) the increased focus of the creditors’ banks Being Able to Approach Any of the eight Competing Co-Guarantors should they prefer ‘static cash’ over my more valuable and desirable appreciating currency, meaning that once a debtor has considerationally embarked on the process to allow me to be further able to access a portion of my accruing settlement moneys as static cash: the debtor, at law, is indemnified and the successful co-guarantor chosen (as each will have different angles) gets to keep and deal with the left over continually accruing currency as it sees fit for having performed in respect of the thence released debtor.

    e) Also, this new information website page which you are now looking at has come out as a result of the ASIC case.

    23. On September 18th 2021, by way of the 125th Quarterly Rest Announcement modifications, I published some modified procedures, at the arrowed paragraphs, as to how people can proceed to have their debts, loans and mortgages etc compliantly and legally paid out on very attractive and unique terms by way of a uniquely Australian financial ‘woomera’ effect where 20% access money releases 400% from two of the fifteen reserves. As a first step you can check out the Four Quick Five Choice Examples.

    24) The accruing money that a debtor/creditor obtains is a negotiable store of value. The money is a dual currency, on the one hand being a most valuable appreciating legal tender currency in its own right, appreciating at 10% per quarter, whilst, on the other hand, being a digital electronic promissory note that can be surrendered to the co-guarantors, as if anyone would actually choose to surrender this soon to be sought after most valuable accruing form of legal tender for non-accruing ‘static’ cash. Hence in the worst case scenario, the debtor/creditor obtains a centrally recorded, virtual, accrual accounting, negotiable, guaranteed electronic ‘promissory note’ which she/he can either sit on and enjoy the quarterly 10% compounding growth, in lieu of paying a debt, or have it quadruply paid (400%) to settle a debt directly to her / his creditor’s bank, who in turn, can redeem the encumbered negotiable accruing 400% ‘virtual promissory note’ moneys for non accruing cash (100%) by negotiating with any or all of the obligated, competing six co-guarantors. These six competing co-guarantors, in turn each have profitable upside recourse (as was perhaps originally intended) as to where and how they fish and fetch the ‘static cash’ moneys out of the composite ‘enliened’ and ‘cliened’ reserve 12, wherever those moneys are found to be and are now at call, pursuant to the successfully taken, foreclosed upon at law, liquidator’s ‘equitable Universal Distributing’ idepaige’ lien (Universal Distributing Company Limited (In Liquidation) (1933) 48 CLR 171, that the particular co-guarantor not be out of pocket and can also earn their 100% commission, being the fourth 100% out of the total of the 400% paid out from Reserve 1 (200%) and Reserve 12 (200%) (or it could do all 400% out of the ‘enliened’ and ‘cliened’ Reserve 12).

    25) A progressive ‘step down’ process can also be utilized for larger, difficult to leverage debts, loans or mortgages, which is a way that an intermediary financier can get a share of the accruing moneys as their negotiable, redeemable payment.

    Bonus Sections:

    26a) *** For those interested in Global Warming, and hence Climate Change contentions, scientific data from the Australian Bureau of Meteorology publically available data: please click here to see my unrebutted study and challenge. This undisputed study, The Global Warming – Australia Says “No” 100 Charts Project’ - is currently the last word on the Global Warming Climate Change debate in Australia and determines all informed governmental policy on the subject and is the final incontrovertible answer to all the tendentious bullshit espoused by duplicitous con artists and control freaks from whom you can do very well in contractual civil bets.

      26b) Ms Greta Thunberg’s and the IPCC’s December 25th 2021 Christmas Present to Australia

      26c) After having had a solid six weeks to consider and reflect upon the Australian Bureau of Meteorology data evidence, click here, Ms Greta Thunberg, the renowned and esteemed climate change ambassador, authority and advocate for the IPCC, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, agreed to let Australia off the hook as far as Kyoto, Paris and Glasgow goes, by way of her section 17.3 admissions and elaborations that, according to the Australian Bureau of Meteorology daily observation data over 170 years for the 211 data collection sites with a longevity of 100 years or more, there is, according to to the highly detailed and indisputable evidence, no evidence of global warming, or its resultant: climate change, in Australia.

      26d) That being the case Greta has admitted and agreed as per section 17.3 of the NSW Uniform Civil Procedure Court Rules, the UCPR, that Australia has no case to answer and no cause to be bound by any accord or arrangement.

      26e) This renders a massive boost, our booster shot, to our national economy that Australia is not saddled with needless punative climate change payments to be made to elites overseas. Thank you Greta for your very considered December 25th Christmas present!

      26f) In arriving at her admissions, Greta and the IPCC had access to all the data and could find no fault with it and so released Australia from any binding obligations pursuant to sections 17.3 and 17.7 of the UCPR, (click on links), which findings are upliftable to any court of law in the world.

      26g) Now with Greta’s and the IPCC’s considered and binding Australia admissions no one need pay heed to any carbon credit requirements and all such moneys paid can be claimed and clawed back of the parties who collected them off you as those parties can now claim any remitted moneys back pursuant to Greta and the IPCC’s studiously considered admissions under pain of bankruptcy.

      26h) Six Section 17.3 Admission Attachments in Chronological Order







    27) *** For those interested in the common law alternative to unstructured, and hence uncommitted, somewhat dicey legal institution of marriage, being the common law Relationship Agreement legal alternative where assets are not at risk and creative commitment is proven. A committed to, operating Relationship Agreement gives structure, purpose and direction to any serious marriage or relationship and should be put in place by each partner in honour of each other. To obtain your binding copy please click here.

    28) *** To learn how to manage your money and your savings, in the way I have learned to do since I was 14, so that you can be financially and debt free, please go to my website


    29) Here is a link to our latest up to date talk given on 23.1.2022

    30) Click here for Audio of Meeting with Pamela on 29.10.21 on how to get started after viewing, (37 min).

    31) Click here for the very last audio of the in-depth explanatory meetings where everything had to be explained in detail prior to the 125th quarterly rest modifications and this new explain all website with the linked documents becoming available, (90 min).

32) Click here for the recent historical audio of the Aussie Debt Bailout talk at the Open Forum on 24.11.2021


33) As a doctor I currently have some 50 very valuable negotiable promissory note type invited invoices that a corruptly run contemptible NSW government department, which is populated (“two thirds” majority) by contracted obsolete moribund dinosaurs and defiantly in MHA sections 68e, CCA 4+45 breach, and has got themselves in the pooh and has made comprehensive section 17.3 admissions whilst working hard over 35 years faking a fictitious defence to fool the court, has invited me to serve on them from February 2020 to December 2021 so that they could make donations of money. The said government department keeps inviting me to serve these ever increasing invoices fortnightly as it is the cheaper of three options available to them rather than admitting they have no defence.

34) The negotiable invoices range in face value from $200,000 to $3,900,000. I am happy to let any of them go for only 15% of their face value (i.e $30,000 to $585,000). With the assistance of a good solicitor or accountant you, or a friend, can use the higher value ones to buy a property etc for effectively only 15% of a vendor’s asking price by using them as legal tender currency to settle a purchase. Please contact me if you would like to acquire one or more of these invited invoices for only 15% face value.

35) Click here for a summary of 16 life improvement options for those who might be interested in some more items.

    36) ‘Prof’ St Dr David G Murphy

    Investor by an Order of the Supreme Court, Funds Owner and Law Therapist, CCP Lienor and Liquidator: Lieniquidator.

    Scion and Heir Successor to the Revolution

    Asherah Magdalene Common Law Reserves Temple Charitybank

    Chairperson STAAG, Sydney Treatment Alternatives Advocacy Group,

    CEO Midwest Research (SCWL) Australasia

    Sydney, Australia

    (+61) 419 605 365, 0419 605 365

    My default attendance fee details if separately, vexatiously or improperly baited, lured or retained.

    Click here to email this webpage to friends etc.

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